He is planning to settle down

I have three brothers and one sister.  Three of them are married and have their own family.  Only the older brother and I are single.  Every time the family are complete and spending time together, they always tease us of being single at our age especially the brother who is older than me.  We just laughed about it because we are used to it, but their are times that we get offended.  We know that we are single and we are aware of that, you do not have to remind us all the time.LOL  We just tell them to wait and see.

We are aware that the brother has a girlfriend.  They are in a relationship for months now.  We haven’t see her yet because she lives far from us.  Though the brother told us that he will bring other to our house.  Last Sunday, the brother and I had a talked.  He told me that he will be visiting his girlfriend’s town.  He also told me that he is planning to marry her.  It is good news and I am happy for him.  However, I am partly sad because the brother will settle down and have his family of his own soon.  I will be the teasing object of the family after that.LOL  Anyways, I am happy for him and hopefully this is the girl that God has given to my brother.  I wish him all the best in life and happy life ahead.

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