Shock Wave Lithotripsy

The Shock Wave Lithotripsy is one of the treatment method for kidney stone.  This is also called Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy.  Shock wave from outside the body will be targeted the kidney stone that causing the stone to fragment.  This is a non-surgical method for treating stones in the kidney or in the ureter.  The stones are broken into tiny pieces that are small enough to pass in the urine.  The procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis, so it is less painful to the patient and the patient does not have to stay in the hospital for days.

This is the method that the doctor of my father is suggesting since he does not want to undergo another operation for his kidney stones.  He said he is too old for that and once is enough.  He is being stubborn and the best solution is to agreed what he has decided.  He do not want another cut on his tummy so shock wave is the best method.  And the doctor said that it should be done ASAP because the stone is almost blocking the ureter.  Before it happens and before the father will suffer from severe pain, shock wave must be done soon.  The problem is that it is a bit costly and we do not know where to get the money.  We are still finding ways to come up with the amount needed.  Lord please help us.

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