Rushed to the hospital

Friday last week, my niece is complaining of stomachache.  We thought that her stomach is just upset of the foods she is eating at school.  We give her medicines for the stomachache.  However, the niece is still suffering from pain the following day (Saturday) and she is vomiting.  Lots of negative thoughts that come in our mind, we thought it was food poisoning.  According to the niece, every time she vomit the pain is gone.  We still give her the medicines for stomachache and home remedy that was suggested by friends.  We decided to bring her to her pediatrician on Monday.

Sunday morning, the niece is lying on the bed when her mother checked on her.  Her mother (sister-in-law) is panicking when her daughter told her to bring her to the hospital.  The pain is severe and the niece cannot bare it any longer.  We then rushed her to the hospital.  The niece undergo urinary test.  We waited 30 minutes for the test result.  After an hour of waiting, the doctor called us with the urinary test result.  The doctor told us that the niece is suffering from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  The vomiting and stomach pain are some of the symptoms.  This is what she got from eating too much junk foods, drinking soft-drinks (cola) and   juice.  Her fossils average is 4.8 from the normal range of 0-1.  Quiet high I must say.  I am glad that the niece told us to bring her to the hospital.

Therefore I conclude that self-medication is not good.  Every time you felt serious pain do not self-medicate.  Go to the doctor because the doctor is the right person to help you easing your pain.

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