Thinking of venturing into another business

The motorcycle of my sister is on standby for eight months now.  It is used as public utility vehicle in our village but when my older brother got a job, he stopped driving and their extra income has stopped too.  She is looking for a driver but have not found one with driver’s license.  There are some applying as driver but no driver’s license.  Since they can’t find driver for their motorcycle, the sister and her husband decided to surrender the franchise and send the motorcycle to the province of her in-laws.  It is useless to keep it, not earning and continue paying the tax.

This is the reason why the sister is thinking of venturing into another business.  It would be best if they have extra income aside from their salary.  She asked me of a nice business to start because she wants us to be partners.  I have already suggested of a possible business to start but she is not liking.  I think I should conducts feasibility study, good business plan, where to put it, profitable business and of course our target market.  It is not an easy job to do I must say, however, I will try my very best.  Hopefully when I am done with the study and survey, the sister will like it so we can start the business sooner.  Good luck to us!

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