How can I be so forgetful?

As much as I wanted to deny that I am getting old, I guess the signs are showing and reminded me that I am not getting any younger.  I do not hate the fact that I am getting old because we all grow old.  In fact I am so thankful to God that I reached this age and praying for more years to come.  My life has been colorful, so much fun, enjoyable, interesting and sometimes hurtful.  It was a wonderful journey I must say.  My experiences made me stronger and better person.  Though I have regrets sometimes.  But life must go on and continue the wonderful journey.

What I do not like is that I am so forgetful.  Yes, I easily forgets things and I hate it.  I misplaced things.  Maybe because my mind is so full.  I have lots of things in my mind that keeps me busy.  Just recently, I forgot to renew the necklace I pawn in the pawnshop.  I have thought of it two days before the due date, but on the renewal date I forgot and I remember after two days.  How is that?  Because of this, I have to pay double interest.  Arghs!  How can I be so forgetful?  Oh well sign of aging and I wish there is medicine for this.LOL

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