Happy to share my views

Earlier at the school, I am having a good conversation with a friend.  She is thinking of putting up her own business and also thinks of going back to school.  She is asking my opinions and views about it since I am older to her.  I am glad that she trusted me that much to ask me of my opinions.  Because I graduated a four year business course, I shared to her my views and opinions when it comes to putting up a business.  She is only high school graduate and lack of knowledge about business matters.  So, I am trying to give the best opinions I have based from what I have learned in my course.

I so missed having this kind of conversations.  The last time I have this kind of conversation was when a friend of my sister asked me to make a business plan for him.  It was a nice experienced even if he did not able to push it through because of financial issues, but having be able to share something to someone is a joy in my heart.  And be asked by someone to make a plan for them.  I still hope that he still has the business plan I made so when he is financially stable he can pushed it through.  Anyways, the conversation I had with a friend earlier went well.  She likes my opinions and views.  I do hope that I am able to help her in making her decisions.  I wish her well, and hope her soon to be business will be profitable.

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