We really hope

After five months of looking for the money needed for shock wave procedure for my father’s kidney stone, the sister finally find a way.  We went to his doctor yesterday to have him scheduled.  However, the doctor did not give us schedule because he wants to see the latest laboratory of the father’s kidney to see the real situation of the stones.  The doctor wants to make sure so that he will get ready for the shock wave procedure.  He also asked if the father felt any pain  and massage his back.  The father didn’t felt any pain at all.

The doctor explains to us of the movements of the stones in the kidneys.  He said, five months has passed when he suggested for shock wave procedure and five months is too long.  There could have changes on the stones in his kidney.  The told us to take Ultrasound and X-ray of his kidneys.  Since the father did not felt any pain, shock wave won’t be needed.  And father will only take medicines for his kidney’s maintenance.  It is a relief.  We hope and pray for the best.  Hopefully the laboratory results is the same as we wish.  If that happens, it would be the best Christmas gift from above to us!

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