Thank God it’s done

The father is now happy that the problem of his kidney is now solved.  The Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy procedure for his kidney stone is done.  The non-surgical way of getting rid of the kidney stones.  After five months of drama, worrying, and looking for money.  Thanks a lot to my sister and my brother for the efforts.  They have contributed the money needed for this procedure.  My father do not want to undergo another kidney operation.  According to him, he is too old for that.   So the doctor suggested this non-surgical procedure.  It is better because it is cheaper compared to surgical procedure.

We are glad that we do not have to worry about the father’s condition.  Thanks to my siblings for all your efforts.  I so wish to help you both my contributing money but my resources is limited.  Anyways, the father is taking medicines prescribed by the doctor for a month.  After that, we will be going back for follow check up to check if the stones are gone and if the procedure is successful.  Thanks to God that we are able to overcome this another trial in the family.  Thank God for always there for us.  We wish and pray for the father’s wellness and health.  Hope that he is free from kidney stones.  Get well father and long live!

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