Proud of the nephew

After the hectic and pressured practice at school, the nephew is so ready for their Christmas Festival at school.  The costumes are ready as well as the nephew.  I am so glad that he is not that shy anymore.  He participates and carefully memorizing the steps.  Aside from practicing at school, we also practice at home so the nephew will do it perfectly.  Though we are not expecting him to do it correctly, just enough to make us proud.  We are always proud of him in every thing he does.

During their final rehearsal, the nephew did very well.  Made me smile to be honest.  I so wish that his mother see him during their practice so for her to see the improvements of her son.  I am happy that I get to experience this things.  Made my life happier, enjoyable and worth it.  My treasure box is full of lovely memories I had with the nieces and nephews.  They made my life colorful.  Even though they added wrinkles on my forehead and make me stress, they are also my medicines.  Anyways, the Christmas Festival was a success and the nephew are having fun.  He is smiling while dancing because his parents are watching.  I am so proud of him.   He made us all happy.

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