What’s your New Year’s Resolution

Oh yes, during new year people are busy listing and making their new year’s resolutions.  I am one of them however, I guess I will not making any new year’s resolutions because I did not able to push it through.  Well, I have a good start but end up quitting in the middle of doing it.  I lose motivation and concentration.  I am blaming myself for not having the so called determination.  Like for example, I want to lose weight and start dieting.  But I cheat most of the time every time I see tempting and sumptuous foods in front of me.  It is really difficult to say no.LOL!

I realized that if we want to change something or do something, we do not have to wait for the new year to come to make it happen.  We have all the year to do it.  It would be best if we do not have resolutions so we can make things happen any time we want.  Changes starts from us, we do not need new year to start the changes.  This 2016 I hope to do the things that I want to do and change.  May God guide me in all the things that I want to do.  I pray for more determination to make things happen for me to be able to reach my goal.  AMEN!

Do you make or have New Year’s Resolutions?  Any motivation for it to make it happen?  Share some so I can apply it.  *wink*

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