Back to busy life

Oh yes, long vacation is over.  It is time to go back to busy life now.  No more leisure time and no more time to be lazy and just lying in bed the whole day.haha Yes, that is what I am doing since the Christmas vacation started.  I just want to catch up for the lose time that I have to rest and was not able to because the kids are occupying my time.  I must say I have enough sleep and rest for weeks of vacation.  I pampered myself a lot and I am so happy.  I felt like I am being me again.  I really missed spending much time with myself.  Thanks to the Christmas vacation because I was able to catch up.

Well, enough of the happy moments because tomorrow is the first day of busy life.  Kids will be going back to school.  And the little rugrats (my nephews) will be under my care again.  Back to waking up early and be busy looking after the kids.  I am not complaining really, just saying that I will be missing myself a bit again.  But I am loving it because my nephews added colors to my life.  they are like my own kids.  I like to spend lots of time with them because they make me feel young even if it is stressful.haha!

Anyways, I welcome the busy life smiling and embracing it!  It is better to get busy doing something than doing nothing, right? *wink

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