Excited to see her after five years

When I am alone and feel lonely, I go over with my pictures at home.  To reminisce the past.  It makes me feel good seeing the pictures of my classmates, close friends, college friends and my little adventure while I am still in college.  I so missed my college life because I have lots of adventure with my friends that I treasure a lot.  We’ve gone to places, beaches, and have house to house bonding.  Also, I missed being with them and be silly.  The last time I heard was they are all married and some have kids already.  Yes, I am still single and I do not think there is something wrong with that.haha!

Anyways, just recently one of my close friend (my best friend actually) in college, contacted me through Facebook.  She said if we can see each other this Saturday, that is tomorrow.  I am so excited because I so wanted to see her in person.  Though I see lots of photos of her and her family and kids in Facebook, still seeing her face to face is better.  Tomorrow would be a long day for us because we have lots of things to talk about.  I do hope that she will not ask about my love life.haha!  See you tomorrow my friend! *wink

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