The results made us happy

The father has undergone Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy for his kidney stones.  The doctor prescribed medicines that my father needs for the complete treatment.  The medicines are good for one month because we will be visit his doctor after a month.  One month has passed and we are scheduled to visit his doctor for follow up check up.    Today is our schedule of follow up check up.  He took three laboratory examinations today to see if the shockwave therapy/procedure is successful.  We are hoping though that the procedure is successful because the father does not want the surgical procedure anymore.  To him, he has done it and will never do it again.LOL 

The laboratory examinations that the father took today has a good result.  The X-ray shows that there is no stones found in his kidney.  We are so glad that the procedure is successful.  The results made us so happy I must say.  But we have to visit his doctor regularly for monitoring because the doctor told us that the father’s kidney is a stone formator.  So, we have to be aware.  We are careless back then after the first operation of my father.  We thought that after the operation everything is okay.  Few years later the stone is back and it has to remove before it is too late.  We do not want to happen it again.  Anyways, we pray that the father till heal completely.  AMEN!

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