No more television

Even though the nephew has an appointment already to the developmental pediatrician, the sister is keep on reading and researching about autism.  She is so worried of her son’s condition.  The nephew is three years old already and still cant speak straight and can only utter few words.  While waiting for the nephew’s schedule, we are trying to communicate with the nephew hoping that he will respond and we can see development each day.  It is not easy to get the nephew’s attention because he prefers to play alone.  He doesn’t want to be disturb and that bothers my sister ( his mother) a lot.

I told the sister to not lose hope.  We still have time and we can double our effort so the nephew will no longer go to the developmental pediatrician.  Just today, the sister learned that more time watching television is not good.  In fact it will worsen the nephew’s condition.  The sister decided to no more television for the mean time for her youngest sake.  She also explained to her first born why.  Luckily her first born understand and just said that if he wants to watch television, he can go at our house anytime since we are just neighbor.  Hopefully this will help and hopefully we can see development.

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