My sister, My Confidant

I am the type of person who keeps what I really felt.  I do not feel like sharing it to others because I do not want to bother them with my rants, complains and issues in life.  It felt like I am taking their precious time listening to my issues.  Yes, I know that I am being so negative but that is me and I wish to eliminate it but just can’t.  If only I have my mom to listen to, it would have been different.  But unfortunately she left us early.  I was nine (9) when my mom departed.  No mother to talk to when I am confused and need someone to talk to.

Even so, I am still glad that I have my older sister.  She is like a mother to me.  She is always there for me.  Her ears are always ready to listen to my complains and issues.  And gives me advises.  We have each others back so to speak.  She is my sister and my confidant.  She fills up my mother’s absences.  I felt really sad when she got married.  I thought that I lost her and thought that no one will listen to me anymore.  But every time I am confused and needs someone to talk to, her house is always open for me.  Thank you sister for being there when I need you.  Thank you for the love and the support all the time.  I never imagine life without you.

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