Get well soon niece

One thing that I do not want to see is any member of the family get sick or hospitalized especially the kids.  That is why I always reminded the kids to watch what they eat, take extra careful when going/playing outside, eat on time, not to eat too much junk foods, and the things that will make them sick.  I have seen two of them hospitalized before and it breaks my heart seeing them so weak and not in good condition.  However, as the niece grows older, she is a bit stubborn.  I have to warn them many times or even get mad at them.  And no matter how I tried to make them understand, kids are kids. They will do the things they want when older aren’t looking. arghs!

Because of the stubbornness, the niece is now sick and admitted in the hospital.  She has been suffering from abdominal pain for two days.  We went to the doctor to have her checked and took the prescribed medicines but still she is in pain.  Seeing the niece suffering from pain tears my heart, I wish to take the pain and have it instead.  This afternoon we decided to bring her to the hospital.  The pediatrician told us that she needs to be admitted.  I am so sad, but it is best for her to get right treatment and get better soon.  I pray to God that the niece will get better soon so we can see the smiles we used to see on her face every day.

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