Referred to another doctor

After the shock-wave procedure and the medication, the father’s kidney now is as good as new.  We are so happy because the father is free from pain in his lower back.  But he has to visit his doctor twice a year to check on the condition of his kidney.  Last week, we visited his doctor and have laboratory tests.  The result shows that the father urine is clear.  No signs of infections and free from kidney stone.  However, his creatinine/acid is really high even though the doctor already gave high dosage of medicines.  The three months treatment to lower his creatinine/acid is not effective because the crea/acid result is really high.

The doctor is confused because it seems like no changes at all.  And he is worried that if the creatinine is still high, there is tendency that the kidney stone will form again in my father’s kidney.  High creatinine is the reason why the father is suffering from arthritis, swelling of knees, wrist, ankle, and pain on his joints.  That is why the doctor advice as to visit rheumatologist for he will know of what would be the right medicines to take to lower the creatinine.  Hopefully we can visit the rheumatologist this week because the father will be travelling to the province to visit his mom and some relatives.  It is best to bring medicines to cure if he happens to be visited by his friend arthritis.LOL!

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