The nephew’s new adventure

Just like his older brother, my nephew Andrei is now attending class in nursery.  The nephew is only three years old.  Even though he has no idea at all, he is excited because of his new bag, notebooks, clothes (uniforms), and other stuffs for school.  But not like his brother, he does not have interest in going to school yet.  He likes to play a lot.  I tried to give his paper and pencil to practice him how to write, he is not interested.  He likes to hold toy cars than paper and pencil.  We do understand it, but still we enrolled him in nursery school so his social life will develop a bit.

Their class starts three days ago.  It is not easy I must say because he keeps on running inside the class room.  To him going to school is like playing.  He is not listening to his teacher and it is very stressful.  I am fine though, I am used to being stressed.  This is a new adventure of my nephew and I really hope that he will improve and develop his attentiveness.  Good luck nephew I know you can do it.  Just take your time and enjoy your schooling experience.  We are always here to give our support.

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