Movie date with my nieces

I admit I am an avid fan of the country’s phenomenal love-team ALDUB.  I’ve never been this addicted to any of the love-teams in the country.  I myself can’t believe that I am hooked to this AlDub love team.  Well, maybe because they are natural and happens accidentally.  It started with a simple smile and wave and the rest is history.  The AlDub love-team first starring movie is now showing nationwide.  The title of the movie is Imagine You & Me.  I do not want to let it passed just like that.  I will for sure find time to watch the first ever starring movie of my idols.  I have watched the thriller and I so like it.  It is a hit for sure.

Since I do not have special someone to bring with me, I take bring my two nieces with me who happens to be an AlDub fan like me.  It was a wonderful movie date with my nieces last Sunday.  We are having a great time watching the movie f our idols, done window shopping and eating our favorites.  I spend much last Sunday but no regrets because I spent it with my love ones.  Even though they give me so much headache, still they are so dear to me.  Hopefully we can do bonding more for it is really fun.  And we are waiting for the next movie of our idol the AlDub.  Oh, before I forgot, the movie is great.  You should watch it.

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