Hope she will get better soon

The SIL was the happiest when she told us that she is two months pregnant.  She found out that she is pregnant on her birthday.  It is God’s birthday gift for her.  We are so happy for her and wish that she will have a healthy baby.  We we’re talking about her prenatal check up, which doctor she will go, things to buy for the baby, because we we’re so excited.  Nothing beats the excited knowing that you’re carrying a life in your womb/tummy.  It is a blessing indeed.  I am so happy for her too because I always bother her to have a baby girl since her first born is a boy.

When the SIL visited us, she told me first of the good news.  Maybe because I always told her to have a baby.  Unfortunately, the SIL experienced miscarriage.  She lost her baby.  She cried to me and I really felt the pain she is having right now.  She asked God why.  As her older sister, I tried my best to comfort her.  Make her understand that maybe this is not the right time.  Instead of being sad and blaming herself for not taking care of herself well, I told her that she should be happy because her baby would be the angel up above that would watch them and making sure that they are all safe.  She is still in pain now, I pray that she will recover soon and move on.  Always thought of the bright side of everything, and always count the blessings even if you are experiencing difficulties in life.  God bless you SIL and hope to see that bubbly smile in you again.  Love You!

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