Feeling like a marriage counselor

Few days ago, the SIL visited in the hospital where my niece was admitted because of dengue fever.  It is nice seeing here and feels good that she visits us because they live far from us.  Just a bit sad because my brother and nephew was not able to come with her for some reasons.  Anyways, at the hospital the SIL shared to us about their problems.  She told us that my brother is not helping here doing the stuffs at their store.  I felt sad for her especially when I saw her crying.  Right there, I can tell that something is wrong with them and it is serious.

I do not want to jump into my conclusion, I want to talk to my brother first to know the real story because I know my brother very well, and he is not that kind of a person.  Good thing they’re in the city yesterday.  I really wanted to talk to them to resolve the misunderstanding before it will get worse.  We meet at the mall yesterday.  I did not waste time because they will go back after buying stuffs for their store.  Yes, I am acting like a marriage counselor.  Their issue/problem is very simple to make it big.  I talked to my brother and hear his side of the story.  Just like before the brother listened to me attentively.  I give my very best advice to my brother and I hope it helps.  I do hope that they will fix their issues soon for them to live a harmonious life.

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