Encouraging him to do good

The results of the examinations of my nephew at school is not so good.  Though he got perfect score in other subjects, but his results in mathematics is very low.  He did not even get at least half of the items.  His mother is not happy of the results but did not nag her son.  They did study and review the previous lessons, but I think the nephew is not paying much  attention.  Well, he is only five years old, kids at this age prefers just to play than study their lessons.  Anyways, we go over the test papers so we can start again reviewing for their upcoming second quarter examination.

My sister is busy preparing her papers for maternity leave and she gets home very tired, she told me to do the review for her son.  Honestly, I do not like this job but I have no choice.  I am not good at this but I will do my very best to be of help for my nephew.  We started reviewing his lessons this morning, and my goodness it is not very easy.  Good thing I have lots of patience.LOL  I told him to do good for if he will get high score, his mother will buy him the toy that he wanted.  Yes, I am encouraging and motivates him so that he will pay attentions and will put in his mind what we have reviewed.  Our review lesson went well, I am wishing the nephew good luck.

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