The family’s new angel

The long wait is over for the family because today the sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  The family’s new angel and new bundle of joy.  For the 7th time, I am the happiest aunt in the world.  I really missed carrying baby in my arms and seeing a baby growing under my care.  Yes, you heard it right I will be the nanny of this new angel in the family.  My sister is looking for a babysitter though, but it is really difficult to find a good one nowadays.  For the mean time I will be the babysitter/nanny.  I do hope I have enough strengths to watch three kids at once.

This angel is an answered prayer.  The sister has been praying to God to give her a baby girl and now she has a baby girl.  Her little princess.  I can’t help but to smile after seeing Lianne for the first time in the nursery room.  I have been waiting for her arrival and really excited to see how she looks like.  And now I am seeing her and will be carrying her soon.  Indeed she is an angel.  Pretty little Lianne in the family.  Welcome baby Lianne!  We love you very much.  Your mommy can’t wait to carry you too.


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