Loving the new look of our house

I always have in my mind the kind of look that I wanted in our house.  I wanted to do some changes to make it spacious, also I want to extend the room of my brother because it is so crowded.  I have not share this to any of my family yet because I am scared that they will tell me I am so ambitious.  But I do pray that this will happen one day, on the day that we less expected it.  And with God’s perfect time, the day of the house renovation arrives.  Yes, I am the happiest person when we finally have the budget for house renovation.

I told my father of the look that I want in our house.  Of course, they can change it or say no if they do not like my suggestion.  Luckily my father agreed my suggestion.  Hr contacted the worker he knows and start the house renovation.  The house is almost done.  Slowly I started cleaning the mess, doing some changes in the living room, kitchen, dining room and of course of the three rooms at home.  I so live the new look of our house.  It feels really good to see that the plan that I wanted in our house came true finally.  Thanks to my father for the financial support to make the renovation pushed through.  Next stop would be my interior decoration talent.wink**

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