Career guidance week at school

One of the activity at school is career guidance.  It is like knowing what would be the students want to be when they grew up.  They will be wearing the costume of what they want to be in the future.  You will be seeing young professionals.  And that makes the career guidance week exciting.  The kids are so cute wearing different costumes of professionals like nurse, police, army, chef, flight attendant, teacher, lawyer, politicians, and much more.  Parents are giving their best to make their kids look like one.  I must say the parents are supporting their kids and so proud of their kids.  One thing that is nice about their career guidance week is that the kids will have an idea of they would like to be when they grow up.

My two nieces who are in high school level wanted to become a teacher and so they are wearing the uniform of the teacher.  The nephew in grade three wears the uniform of the policeman.  And my grade one nephew wears the cap of an engineer.  He changes his profession now.  Before he wants to become a soldier because he wants to serve the country and to keep the safety of everybody.  But lately, he likes to draw houses and buildings and he keeps on saying that he wants to become an engineer.  The nephew is still six years old but he dreams of building the big house for his family.  He has big dreams I must say and I hope that it will come true.  As I can see, he is determined to become an engineer, it is a long way for him, and I wish him all the best and he will succeed in life.

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