Nutrition month culmination

July 28, 2017, was the nutrition month culmination of my nephew at school.  We were told to bring the assigned foods and fruits nothing more nothing less.  I do not know anything about the said event because I was not able to attend the meeting.  When I arrived at the school, all parents are busy preparing and beautifying their tables.  They are putting decorations and arranging the foods and fruits they bring.  I must say they have good table decorations, sumptuous foods on the table and amazing decorations of fruits.  It is sad that our table is empty.  I was not informed that the table presentation is a contest.  The most presentable, and the go foods, glow foods and grow foods are present on the table.

I am sad because of what had happened but I must accept that the parents in my group do not care at all.  They do not care if our table is almost empty, to them as long as they bring the assigned foods to them.haha!  They have a point though.  We are all busy to have a meeting on how are we going to do to our table for the table competition.  Better luck next time for our group.  The good thing is that I learned from it, I have more ideas on foods and table preparation for future needs.  The next nutrition month culmination I have the idea on what would be our table look like.  Because I want to experience winning too.  Of course, when given the chance.

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