Top one in their class for first grading

The niece is very competitive in their class.  She sees to it that she will be included in the top ten.  She also wishes to be in top one but according to her, it is very difficult to achieve because most of her classmates are achievers.  She is always included in top ten and finished with honors since grade school.  I am encouraging her to get the top one position, but she always told me that it is very hard.  She is competitive but she lacks confidence in getting the top one position in their class.

When she was in grade 7, she finished in 3rd.  She almost made it to the top 1.  She is disappointed then, but I have told her that she did very well, just that her classmate did better.  I challenge her to study harder, set a goal and enjoy life at school.  I do not want to stress her out because it is not good.  Grade 8 she is one of the top 20 when the school year ended.  The niece now is in grade 9, and she is doing well.  Another battle to make it to the top I must say.  They are 70 in the class.  Yesterday, was their reading of honors.  And she is surprised when the teacher called her name as the top 1.  She was so happy and told me when she arrived from school.  I congratulate her and so happy for her.  Good job niece and keep up the good work.  Hopefully, she will maintain the top spot when the school year ends.

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