Long weekend due to nationwide transport strike

The group of jeepney operators and other public utility vehicle are showing their protest to the government through transport strike.  Because all operators are expected to join the protest that is why the city mayor and national government declared to class today from kindergarten to college and no work to all government offices.  And because private company and offices, and department store are open, employees will still go to work.  The city government has assigned buses in some areas in the city to help the stranded passengers to go to work and go home.

The national transport strike was a success, though there are public vehicles in our city did not participate.  To some drivers, it is important to earn money that participating the transport strike.  If they are not driving, how can they feed their families?  They have the point.  Family comes first after all.  Because of this transport strike, people have extended weekend vacation.  Students are happy as well as the teacher and government workers because they will have a day of rest to be with their families.  I am one of those happy people because I get to rest, do my laundry and do some house chores because the nephews have no class.  Long weekend for me and I like it.

Anyways, I hope that this protest will have the positive result and people will come up with the best decision on how they are going to solve the issues that the jeepney operators and national government will both agree on what is best for all of us.

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