Finally applying for marriage license

My brother and his wife to be are planning to get married this year, but due to some circumstances, the wedding date was canceled.  We did not stop planning their wedding too.  I still have the list of the things that we need to buy for their wedding as well as the budget.  I did not show it to my brother yet because I am waiting for their signal.  I am like their wedding planner.haha!  It is a simple wedding, but I make sure that it is memorable to the couple.  And it will be a solemn wedding.

I have told them that we won’t be able to get a wedding date scheduled at the church unless they will have the marriage license from the city hall.  One of the church requirements is a marriage license.  My brother is too busy at work and it is difficult for him to take a leave.  I told him that he has to make time to get the license because their wedding is hanging.  Luckily, the bother and his fiancée went to the city hall to get the marriage license.  This is it, this is really it is! Haha!  I have to push through the plan and I am so excited about their wedding early next year.  Wedding planner mode on for me!

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