Attended the High School Alumni Homecoming

Last December 30, 2017, was our high school alumni homecoming. It was an annual event at our school to gather all the students who graduated from our school. I missed attending last year’s alumni homecoming because my older sister just gave birth. And I do not want to go alone. This year I see to it that I will attend because I miss seeing my classmates and high school friends. It would be great to see them again after more two decades. Gosh, it’s been 20 years since I graduated high school and it only means one thing, I am old.haha!

Anyways, I went to the alumni homecoming 2017 with my older brother. It is a good decision to go because I get to see the friends and classmates that I so want to see for years. The night was filled with so much fun, dancing and talking, just like the old days. I must say that I feel like high school student again. wink* It feels really great to see them again. I took pictures of us for remembrance. I had a blast at the alumni homecoming. Thank you, everyone, for making the night a memorable one for us. Cheers to more years of friendship and more alumni homecoming to attennd. Until next year classmates, batchmates and friends. Merry Christmas and have a Prosperous New Year.

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