In a Relationship

“In a Relationship”.  This is the status of my 13 year old niece.  Oh my God, she is growing so fast.  I look at her still like a little girl that I carried in my arms, but now, she already has special someone in her heart.  This is a good wake up call for me that I am old.  It finally sinks in that the little is slowly becoming a lady.  Hard to believe but I should.  If I am to ask, I do not want her to involve in a relationship at a young age.  I want her to study first, finish schooling and enjoy the single life.  Besides, she is still young.

In a relationship is not a bad status though.  As a student, the niece can make it as her inspiration to do good at school and can be her inspiration with the goals and ambitions she wants to achieve in the future.  As her aunt, I give her some advises to be not so impulsive, they should know their limitations because they are still young and a bright future ahead of them.  Just take it slowly but surely.  We have not meet the guy yet, because they keep it secret, it so happen that I discovered by accident.  Hopefully, we will meet the guy one day to know him and maybe give them both the piece of advice.

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