Post-Christmas Party Celebration

Last Sunday, my friends and I celebrated our post-Christmas party celebration.  Yes, it is very late due to very busy schedule, including me.  We are too busy with our preparation for the holidays that we cannot plan for our Christmas party last December 2017.  We will have our Christmas party after the holidays.  Never late than never, as they say, because we have our post-Christmas party last Sunday.  Finally, we planned for the date, the venue, and foods.  The first plan was to have our party at the pool, but we changed it at the house of one of our friends.  Fewer expenses and we can do sing-a-long session.   We are not singers, but we love to sing.

Anyways, the party was fun.  We sing, eat, dance, and drink wine.  Yes, we drink only wine because I do not drink beer or liquor.  Wine is safe for me.haha!  Our party was filled with laughter and we talked a lot.  It seems like we have not seen each other for years and we are catching up for the lost times to bond with them.  Indeed, being with true friends is a treasure forever.  I am treating them delicious foods for I will be celebrating my birthday this month.  I cannot treat them to eat outside because I am on a tight budget.  I am glad they like the foods that I made for them.  Thank you, ladies, for the time, the laughter and the fun.  Till our next bonding session.

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