February: The love month

When we say, February, the first thing that comes to our mind is love, date, couples in a special relationship, boyfriend, and girlfriend.  It is because we celebrate Valentine’s day this month.  The love month as many are calling it.  Hotels, restaurants, cinemas, flower shops, and the likes are in demand business this month, especially when February 14 arrives.  The couples are thinking of a nice place to go and celebrate valentine’s day.  Some families are going to the beach or park to celebrate this day with their loved ones and kids and spend quality times with them especially if both parents are working.

However, to some single individual, this day is like a torture to them.  Because their concept for Valentine’s day is for couples, boyfriend, and girlfriend only.  They tend to forget that they can still celebrate the love month even if they are single, for they can make this day extra special for their family or friends.  No reason to be sad when you are single on Valentine’s day because you can still celebrate it.  For a single like me, aherrrmmm, I will be spending this very day with the family, my nephews and nieces, and friends.  I have plans and schedules.  I will be with my family on Valentine’s day and will be with my friends the next day.  Even if I am single, I make sure that my valentine’s day celebration is a memorable one.  I have been doing this for years…haha!  So, being single on Valentine’s day is not new to me. *wink!

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