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Partly, I am blaming myself

A friend of mine offered me a puppy years ago, I said no then because of the kids at home.  It is not safe having puppy with lots of kiddos at home.  It best to be safe.  I told her to offer me again after three years.  I really wants to have a puppy just like hers.  I am glad that she offered me again four months ago.  I am so excited because the puppy is really cute.  My puppy is now four months old.  The kids loves to play with him.  I always remind the kids to not go near the puppy, do not play with him and not to bother the puppy when eating.

Even if I reminded the kids all the time, kids are kids.  They like to tease the puppy, make the puppy run after them and carry the puppy.  Just recently, my niece accidentally bite by the puppy.  I am so angry, worried and sad.  As much as I do not want to think negatively, I can’t help it.  I am thinking the worst thing.  I even think that if something bad happened to my niece, I am to blame.  The niece had vaccine shots already, but needs to more shots.  I hope after the three shots, the niece is safe.  Also, I am praying to God that the puppy is free from rabies.

Gift for my dog

Yes! You heard it right. I want to buy something for my one and only dog Jasper who is turning eight years old this year. I can’t believe that my dearest dog is getting older. It was just like yesterday when a friend gives him to us. He is a very cute and good dog. I say good because he is the kind of dog that doesn’t bark much. We used to play before and used to stroll around the village, but not anymore because I get so busy with my life. I do not have time to spend with my dog anymore and I felt guilty. Because my dog is very dear to me, I want to give him dogtra iq as a gift. I guess my dog deserves this gift because he is a good dog to us. This is the first time I am going to buy a bit expensive stuff for my dog and I am so excited about it.

Feeding Senior Dogs

As our dogs get older they begin to slow down, are not as active as they once were and prefer a much more peaceful and relaxing day. Sadly this happens to us all and one of the biggest changes occurs to our eating habits as our nutritional requirements change and our appetite reduces and therefore it is important that you feed older dogs a senior diet that is suited to their size as small, medium and large breeds have different nutritional needs no matter what their age.

 photo seniordog_zpsf3fd318d.png

Royal Canin X-Small diets are designed for small breeds of dogs that weigh between 0-4kg.

Their life span can be double that of large breeds of dogs therefore their nutritional needs must be met to help maintain good health for your dog. For these very small breeds of dog, their senior life stage is split into two stages, the first being 8-12 years and the second 12 years plus. Royal Canin offers food for both of these stages which help to maintain a healthy heart and good digestion by preventing constipation due to the high fibre content. They also help to prevent the build-up of tartar and the kibble is perfectly designed for the small size of the jaw and teeth. During the second stage the aging process speeds up so therefore the 12+ diet contains an appropriate phosphorus content to aid renal function and to ensure your dog is appropriately hydrated.

Medium sized breeds which weigh between 11-25kg are considered senior at 10 years plus. The Royal Canin Medium Ageing 10+ diet is great for the senior medium sized breed. The diet has been specially formulated to provide extra support for your dog’s bones and joints and it is also highly digestible and helps to maintain a healthy coat.

The Royal Canin Maxi Ageing 8+ diet is suitable for senior large breeds of dogs which weigh 26-44kg. The senior age for these breeds of dog is from eight years plus. This diet is most importantly adapted to provide support for the joints which are placed under a lot of stress. This diet helps to keep their joints supple and flexible and also aides digestion and keeps the skin and coat healthy all of which are very important in aging dogs.

It’s like having a real one

I have seen those people who are dog lovers.  I am amaze that they sleep with their dogs, eat with them, dressed them like their own child and even throw a birthday party.  How cool is that?  That is how they take good care of their pets.  I wish I can do that but I do not have patience in doing those things.  Besides, petting a dog or any other animals is a bit costly.  I wanted to have a dog at home because it does helps in releasing our stress.  I have proven this many times back when I stayed at my aunt’s place.  They have three dogs and six cats.  They sits on their lap, feet, chest, anywhere they want.  I sometimes play with them.  It does releases stress.  However, having them in the house is not possible.  That is why I settled in buying different stuffed toys.  I have teddy bear, cat, dog, mouse, and pig.  I hug them sometimes and it helps in a way. Though I have several stuffed toys at home, I am still thinking of having stuffed animals dogs. It is cute and cuddly.  It is like having a real dog at home.

Chased by the dog

One reason I do not want the kids to play outside is that there are lots of dogs running in our village.  I am afraid that the kids will be bite by dogs while playing.   Plus, we do not know the owner of the dogs.  I cannot understand why some pet owner just let their dogs go outside.  And I am not sure if their dogs are complete with vaccines.  Graduates of vet tech schools would tell you how important it is for dogs to be vaccinated when they go out with people or other dogs. I have seen cases related to dog bites and it is not good.  It really scary and I do not want it to happen to my nieces and nephew.

One afternoon while the kids are having fun playing outside the house, the neighbor let her dog out to pee.  While the niece are having fun playing with her friends, the dog suddenly chase her.     I was shocked when I saw my niece running and so scared of the dog.  I am so mad and hurriedly get a wood to make the dog go away.  And it makes me more angry after I saw the face of my niece.  The niece is shaking, looks pale and so scared.  I cannot let it slip away like nothing happens.  I am thankful that  nothing bad happens to my niece.  I went directly to the owner and talk to her what had happen.  I came at their place calmly and relax.  I cannot just let my anger control me because I might utter a word that is not so nice.   Our conversation went well and I hope that she will not let her dog out again.