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Praying for fruitful July

Even though it is two days late still I want to say hello and welcome the month of the July.  Yes, the first half months of the year has bid goodbye and the first month of the second half has just sits in.  Time and days really flies so fast these days.  It was like yesterday when I first glance the month of January now we are on the seventh month, July.  I am so thankful that we are on the seventh month and I am still blogging.  I am able to survive doing this part time job for the past six months.  Even if the writing jobs are very slow still I am able to renew my blogs.  Though I have to let go five of them.  I am so sad.

Anyways, as the first day of July kicks in I got new writing job.  I am the happiest saying that this is a good sign.  Hopefully this blessings will continue so I can help the family like I used to when I earned more than I expected.  I pray that this month will be a fruitful month for me and in the coming month.  I will do my best to deserve this blessings by working so hard and will update this blog as much as I could.  Thank you Lord God for this blessings.

Because this is what I love to do

I have mentioned in my previous post about the business proposal that was offered to me.  And because I am not interested, I declined the offer after thinking about it.  I do not think that the plan will work well because it is a networking business plan.  I have heard lots about networking business and only few are successful.  I have tried it once and I do not want to gamble for the second time.  The income is tempting though but on the way of earning it, is impossible to me because I do not have lots of contacts so selling the products will take efforts, sacrifices and lots of time.  These are the reason I am declining the offered business.

Though my blogging career earns very slow lately, I am contented with it and still doing it.  Well, this is what I love to do.  I am like a frustrated writer.  A trying hard writer but even though, it is fun doing what I love to do.  Through writing I am able to express my thoughts, ideas, views, opinions and the likes.  It is like writing a diary and earning from doing what I love to do.  No pressure, less stress, and it is fun.  I will be doing it for a longer time for sure.  I will double my time working on my websites/blogs to make it fruitful.  I am still praying that time will come when my blogs earns more than I expected.  Hopefully soon.  Amen!

Cleaning up

I was wondering why my blogs loads so slow.  It took me minutes before seeing the homepage.  I was talking to the blogger friend and giving me tips on how to make my page loads fast.  But told me I have to sacrifice some of the widgets on my blog’s sidebar.  I am sad but I have to do what is best for my blogs.  What is important now is to make my blog loads fast so that visitor, readers and viewers will not spend much time just to wait till the loading of my site completes.

I need to sacrifice a little and so I am deleting some of the widgets on my sidebar the other day.  A complete cleaning up I must say.  I have the seven blogs to clean up so I did not waste any time to do it fast.  Though deleting is easy, rearranging my blog’s sidebar took me some time to finish it all.  I am happy to see after seeing the result of my cleaning up.  I can see the difference now in loading my page.  It loads fast compared before and my blogs looks very clean now.  It is pleasant to look at because there are no more colorful decorations in the side.  Indeed simplicity is beauty.

Advise to Back-up my Blogs

Transferring to new server is the caused why I am having some problems logging in to my blog sites.  And because the transfer is not yet done, she advises those blog owners under her hosting to back up their blogs just if something went wrong during the transferring process.  I am so glad she told us because I do not have a copy of my blogs.  I have back-up all my blogs already.  I do not need to worry if something might happen because I have the copy of all the contents in my blogs.  It is good to back-up our blogs always to be ready all the time just if something bad happen to our blogs.  We can easily put it back again since we have our own copy in our files.  “Prevention is better than cure” as the old saying goes.

I am glad that my net connection was back today and saw the message of my host to back-up my blogs just in case.  Thanks for the reminders and for the little tips on how to back-up my blogs.  I will be waiting till the transferring is complete and all things will be back to normal.  Looking forward for the better server.

Follow me if you please

Hello to my dearest followers, I am very sorry for I have accidentally deleted it. There is no way I could get it back and I am so sad about it.  I am so sad because there is no way I could get it back. I was just trying to fixed and add something and did not noticed I deleted it until I view my page.  This is the reason I am posting this article to ask from your good heart to follow me again if you please.

To all reader, viewers, visitors of this blog  and co-bloggers, if you please give some of your time to click the followers on my sidebar and follow me.  I know this is too much to ask, but I would be glad if you do me a favor.  Thanks very much and God bless us all.:-)