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Top one in their class for first grading

The niece is very competitive in their class.  She sees to it that she will be included in the top ten.  She also wishes to be in top one but according to her, it is very difficult to achieve because most of her classmates are achievers.  She is always included in top ten and finished with honors since grade school.  I am encouraging her to get the top one position, but she always told me that it is very hard.  She is competitive but she lacks confidence in getting the top one position in their class.

When she was in grade 7, she finished in 3rd.  She almost made it to the top 1.  She is disappointed then, but I have told her that she did very well, just that her classmate did better.  I challenge her to study harder, set a goal and enjoy life at school.  I do not want to stress her out because it is not good.  Grade 8 she is one of the top 20 when the school year ended.  The niece now is in grade 9, and she is doing well.  Another battle to make it to the top I must say.  They are 70 in the class.  Yesterday, was their reading of honors.  And she is surprised when the teacher called her name as the top 1.  She was so happy and told me when she arrived from school.  I congratulate her and so happy for her.  Good job niece and keep up the good work.  Hopefully, she will maintain the top spot when the school year ends.

Finished with honors

One of the most important parts in the life of a student is to be recognized for the job well done after a year of studying and going to school.  This is the much-awaited event of their life.  All the sacrifices of the students and parents are paid off because of the academic awards and merits of their children receives on the recognition day and graduation day.  It is indeed the happiest day of their lives.  To be able to finish the school year and graduate is the best gift that we could give to our parents but with awards and merits is the sweetest.  They sacrifices and difficulties will surely vanish.

This is what I saw in my brother’s eyes because his two daughters finished with honors during their recognition and graduation day.  His kids always make him proud since kindergarten.  They always make their parents happy and I am so proud of my nieces and nephews.  Good job kids.  It will be a long and rough road ahead of you but I am pretty sure you will go a long way because you have the determination to go farther and have dreams to become successful one day.  Continue what you are doing kids and always pray to God.  Congratulations again!

Encouraging him to do good

The results of the examinations of my nephew at school is not so good.  Though he got perfect score in other subjects, but his results in mathematics is very low.  He did not even get at least half of the items.  His mother is not happy of the results but did not nag her son.  They did study and review the previous lessons, but I think the nephew is not paying much  attention.  Well, he is only five years old, kids at this age prefers just to play than study their lessons.  Anyways, we go over the test papers so we can start again reviewing for their upcoming second quarter examination.

My sister is busy preparing her papers for maternity leave and she gets home very tired, she told me to do the review for her son.  Honestly, I do not like this job but I have no choice.  I am not good at this but I will do my very best to be of help for my nephew.  We started reviewing his lessons this morning, and my goodness it is not very easy.  Good thing I have lots of patience.LOL  I told him to do good for if he will get high score, his mother will buy him the toy that he wanted.  Yes, I am encouraging and motivates him so that he will pay attentions and will put in his mind what we have reviewed.  Our review lesson went well, I am wishing the nephew good luck.

Private lessons in learning how to play musical instrument

It is hard to find any person that doesn’t have at least some kind of interest in music. No matter who you are, there is a style of music that can suit your tastes. Music a great hobby when it comes to listening. It is an even better hobby for those that play an instrument or sing.

Many people are mistaken and think that playing music should just be reserved for professionals. There is also a group of people that are determined to teach themselves play music. They look at taking private lessons as cheating in a way. This is simply not true. Yes, there are some great masters that have become amazing musicians and songwriters without someone else teaching them. Let’s face it, most people don’t that kind of talent. This is why private lessons are such an important way for people to improve their music skills and have more fun with the hobby.


A private instructor is someone that is a very skilled musician themselves. Many of them went to college and have a degree in music. They also probably have years of experience when it comes to performing live and practicing efficiently. This is why they are such a great resource for anyone that wants to improve their musical ability. The better a musician is the more fun they will have playing music.

Develop Good Habits

Old habits die hard. This is just as true with playing a musical instrument as it is with anything else. A trained professional can usually tell the difference between a self-taught piano player and someone who has taken lessons to help them develop their technique. A good instructor will get players started on the right track when it comes to technique early in the game so that it becomes second nature. This makes it much easier to learn more difficult music later on in life.


Musicians are interesting people. Taking lessons from a private instructor who has a lot of experience performing live and touring is great because they usually have a lot of stories and experiences to share with their students. Some musicians list their private teachers as some of their best friends. Becoming friends with a teacher is a great way for a musician to network when they do get good enough to start playing gigs live. You can’t have too many friends when it comes to music.

Wanted to become a teacher

I remember when she was in grade school my niece says that she wanted to become a nurse.  She wants to help treating people in the hospital.  Also, told me that she wants to work abroad to help the family financially.  I am amazed because at early age she thinks of the future of her family.  And that is a good sign that the niece is being responsible and loving to her parents.  As the time, days, months, years passed by the niece’s dreams to become nurse is fading away.  She has no interest at all.  She told us that she wants to become a teacher like her mommy (her aunt).  She idolized her mommy (her aunt) that much.

Yesterday, was their career guidance program at school.  They were told to wear the prescribed clothes for the career they want to pursue and become.  And the niece chooses to become a teacher.  She said she wants to be like mommy.  Instead of treating sick people in the hospital, she likes to teach the future generation.  She wants to be part of their journey to success.  The niece has a point on that.  She thought of helping the future generation to become a better person and successful individual.  And that left me speechless.  Indeed the niece is growing so fast.  Her thoughts of the future and the dreams she wants to become someday makes me so proud of her.  I do hope that she will be able to reach her dreams, pursue the career she wants and become a successful person someday.  Way to go niece.  Don’t stop reaching your dreams, aim high and reach your goal in life.