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Good to see her smiling again

Every day my life becomes lighter because of my four months old niece.  Seeing her smile brings more life to me always.  I do not feel tired after doing the household chores because of my bubbly niece.  I am her temporary nanny while her parents are still looking for a nanny.  While I am her nanny, I spend more time with her, kissing and hugging her.  Savor every moment with my niece and taking lots of pictures.  I always miss the niece’s contagious smile.  Last week, the niece is not feeling well.  I so missed her smile I must say.

She has a fever for four days.  We almost brought her to her pediatrician to check her up because we are so worried that it is dengue fever.  I am glad that her fever subsides after five days.  But sad because the niece’s body is full or rashes.  She keeps on crying maybe because she felt very itchy.  The rashes give the niece a hard time.  Her mother (my sister) give her antihistamine.  The niece feels better now.  The rashes are gone and she is back to being a bubbly kid.  I can see her pretty smile now.  I really missed it.  Thank God that the niece is okay now.  It is really good to see her smiling again.

Family should come first

I have seen successful businessman/businesswoman and person who are successful in their choose career.  Their motivation is their family and kids.  They are doing their best to give their family a decent living, send their kids to nice schools, give anything they want and provide their needs.  They sometimes took event the day that they are supposed to be with their family to go to work or finished their paper works.  This is one of the advantages of a successful person.  You seemed to forgot that your family needs your presents not only the things that you ca give and provide for them.  Sad but this is true and happening in the present.

I am saying this because I have observed this kind of situation.  Some really forgot that family should come first before anything else.  Even if you are doing it all for them and for their future.  How can you have a wonderful future when you forgot to give time to your family even for just one day.  The family needs your presents and time to be with them.  Do some bonding, and catching up on the lost times because you get so busy with work.  Let us not forget that family comes first.  Your success is nothing when you lost the reason why you are working so hard for the future?  We should balance everything so that you will become successful in your chosen field and family.

The family’s new angel

The long wait is over for the family because today the sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  The family’s new angel and new bundle of joy.  For the 7th time, I am the happiest aunt in the world.  I really missed carrying baby in my arms and seeing a baby growing under my care.  Yes, you heard it right I will be the nanny of this new angel in the family.  My sister is looking for a babysitter though, but it is really difficult to find a good one nowadays.  For the mean time I will be the babysitter/nanny.  I do hope I have enough strengths to watch three kids at once.

This angel is an answered prayer.  The sister has been praying to God to give her a baby girl and now she has a baby girl.  Her little princess.  I can’t help but to smile after seeing Lianne for the first time in the nursery room.  I have been waiting for her arrival and really excited to see how she looks like.  And now I am seeing her and will be carrying her soon.  Indeed she is an angel.  Pretty little Lianne in the family.  Welcome baby Lianne!  We love you very much.  Your mommy can’t wait to carry you too.


They plan to come back

When the younger brother and his wife decided to put up their own business in the province of his wife, the moved out of their house and have it for rent so they have extra income aside from the income they earned from their business.  Their business is a success however, they only rented the pace where their store is located.  They have been there for almost four years and their business is doing well.  The problem is that the contract will end December of this year.  Even though though they want to continue running the business the owner of the place does not want them to have another contract.  The reason is that they will be using it to put up a store.

The brother and his wife doesn’t have any choice but to move out and decided to go back to their own house.  We are so glad because we will be neighbors again.  They only have three months left to move their stuffs out from their store.  They are thinking of continue doing the same business in the village and will run another business in the market near the village.  The father is helping them getting a place so when the contract ends, they already have a place to put all their products.  Hopefully they business is a success and will be profitable.  Good luck to them and welcome back.  We are glad you decided to go back.

Hold on and keep the faith

This year is not a good year, said my brother.  It is because of the trials that they have been encountered.  First is when his eldest daughter had an operation due to appendicitis. Second, the same daughter got admitted due to dengue fever, and his son suffered from severe cough.  Because of what happened, they are now in debts and my brother is so worried.  Even told me how they will be able to survive now that their salary is not enough to pay their debts.  As a family, we do extend our help as far as we could.  We saw the pain in my brother’s eyes and I pray that they will overcome these trials in life.

The other day, I get the chance to talk to my brother.  I lend an ear because I can sense the pain and struggles in his heart.  I so wish I could help him more but my resources in limited.  I do help my brother and family that we will be able to overcome these trials in life and I pray that God will give us strength to survive.  I have faith that the Lord will help us because He will not give us trials that we can’t handle.  This is a test on how strong our beliefs and faith in him.  I do hope that my brother won’t give up.  Instead he will hold on and keep the faith for there is always a rainbow after the rain.  God is always their to help and lend a hand to us.  Just pray and have faith in Him.