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I want to go to the zoo

When I was little, it is my dream to go to the zoo.  But it is not possible because we live in the province and the zoo is very far from us.  I just settle myself watching different kinds of animals and wild animals on television.  It was my mother who told us the characteristics and attitude of the animals we have seen on television.  However, I am still not satisfied with what I have seen on television and on what my mother told me, I still dream to go to the zoo one day.  Now that we live in the city, it is now possible to go to the zoo.  And I want to go to the zoo with the nephews and nieces soon and I will be bringing live wildlife cameras so I can take awesome pictures of all the animals at the zoo.  It would  be a great remembrance for me and the kids.  So when they grow older, they can tell to others that they have been to the zoo when they were little.

Essential gadget in business

As we noticed goods and products in the department store, supermarket, malls and any establishments that are into selling, there is bar code at the bottom or at the side.  The bar code will tell the price and review of a products.  It makes the job of the employee especially the person in charge in the adding machine.  And person in-charge in the inventory.   All they have to do is to point the barcode scanners at the bar code and they will get information of the products.  Their inventory would be easy and fast using this gadgets.  Also, when a customer buy items  at the store, it is easy to add the amount purchased.  No need to hit every keys in the adding machine because the bar code scanner will tell the prices of the purchased goods. Indeed this gadget is very essential in business.

Device to download everything

I do love to read novel books, magazines, newspapers, and other reading materials that interests me.  I sometimes copied the contents in papers for me to have my copy especially if the books is not mine.  In fact I have compilation of those I have copied and photocopied.  I like reading it over and over especially in my leisure time.  However, I am sad because I lost some of those I copied.  I just misplaced it and I cannot find it.  Maybe I throw it somewhere or in the trash can while cleaning my files.  How I wish I have an ebook reader where I can put my collection of nice topics.  It would be easier for me to find it when I need it.  This device is perfect tool to download anything and everything.  It is like having my library at home and even inside my bag.

Happy to have a phone

Months ago I bought a new phone because my old phone does not charge.  Even though it has a sentimental value to me because it is a fruit of my labor back when I was a dealer of beauty products.  I felt guilty to buy new phone because the old one can be fixed.  But I am thinking to give myself a present after working so hard online.  That is why I decided to buy new phone and  gave the old phone to my SIL since she said she will bring it to the cellphone repair shop.

I thought the SIL was just kidding when she said she will bring it to the repair shop.  But today I am surprised to see it on the hands of my niece.  The reason I did not see the phone it is because it was on the repair shop.  The phone is in good condition now, the part where the connection to the charger has been replaced.  The niece is so happy because her mother give it to her.  I saw on her face the same look when I got a new phone years back.  She was so excited and keep on asking of our numbers to be restored in her phonebook. Emoticon

Now that the niece has new cellphone, I just hope that she will be a responsible one and will always take good care of her things.  Though she is not allowed to bring it at school because she might lost it.  She will be contented in operating her cellphone when she got home from school.