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On His Golden Years

Each birthday is a special day to celebrate by every person because another year will be added to enjoy the gift of life, a year of happiness, joy and blessings. And to reach the age of 50, it is best to give the celebrant a great blow out and presents. Since one of the relatives will be celebrating his 50th birthday very soon, we were looking for a unique 50th birthday gift ideas. We want to give him a gift that would make his 50th birthday a blast and a memorable one.

There are wide choice of items that will be found in this website. We haven’t decided yet of what to buy because all the items are very nice and very unique. We will pick that one that the uncle will use. Upon searching on the website, we found a one perfect gift on his golden years. We choose to give him a mug and choose a mug because the uncle is a coffee drinker. The mug will be very useful to him. We also, decided to give the same item to his closest friend as a token of appreciation. Though a mug is a common item to give, however, the design of the mug that we are going to give has a unique design that makes the mug unique and lovely one.

Does any member of your family will be celebrating their 50th birthday or maybe someone closest to you? Try to visit the website that I have visited for you to have an idea of what gift you are going to give. You will not having a hard time of picking of a nice gift because there are lots of items to choose from.

How is your Christmas list?

I make lots of list the whole year, but one list that I so love is the Christmas list.  And I presume you already know the reason.  Since Christmas is fast approaching, it is time to make my Christmas list once again.  Because I am so excited, as early as this month, I am done with my Christmas list.  Thinking about it paint smiles on my face because I am going to buy something for the family, the gift that will show my love and care for them.   Although we can give gifts anytime of the day and any day of the year, but Christmas season is different.  It is because this season is labelled the season of giving and sharing.

Actually, I don’t make Christmas list before.  This year is my third time to be exact.   I don’t do Christmas list because I don’t give gifts for the family then.  If you ask me why, my answer would be for financial reason.  And for me it is only an expense.   So there!  That is how my thoughts before.  However, later I realized that giving something for your love ones is worth it.  And so, it is best to spend some for the family.  Besides, it is better to give than to receive, right?

How about you?  Do you have Christmas list too? If so, how is your Christmas list so far?

Because she likes frog

I have this one of a kind friend who loves collecting frog stuffed toys, pillow, towel, key chains, wallet and other items with frog designs.  I used to call her strange person because of her frog items collection.  And because she likes frogs a lot, she always received the same thing on her birthday, Christmas and other occasions.  It make her smile every time she receives this kind of gifts because it means it will added to her frog item collections.  I have seen her different frog collections and it is cute though.  Now that Christmas is approaching, I am thinking of buying her a frog statue since she has lots of frog collections except of this one.  I am pretty sure she will love this one and will surely put it in her little garden  or in their spacious living room.

Gifts of Appreciation

Getting married is another step in life that they are about to take.  It is a life wherein the couple will share through thick and thin.  When the two people in a relationship sharing the same love, feeling, emotion, understanding and care, it is best to get married to live the life together.  The wedding day is the most important event in a couple’s life.  It is the day wherein the couple with mutual understanding officially tying the knot and accepting the vows of married life.  Also, the invited visitors and guests  makes the day memorable to couple.

During the wedding day, the entourage like the groomsmen and the bridesmaid played the big part of the celebration.  They are the one who entertain the guests and the visitors.  They also helps what the couple of need especially in the reception area.  Their helps makes the wedding day a successful one.  Because of their hard works especially the groomsmen, it is best to gift them a very unique groomsmen gifts as way of saying thank you for the job well done.  Giving something as appreciation for the big help on the couples special day.  Though this is not expected for it is good to help someone without expecting something in return, but to receive gifts for the job well done is a great honor, right?  The feeling is great if someone give us gifts for the effort and the help we rendered.

Christmas gift for the nieces

The last time the sister and I bought earrings for the nieces was when they are still a baby.  It was their first jewelry.  After that, we haven’t bought any jewelry for them.  Though we have plans of buying them necklace, bracelet and new earrings little by little when they grow older.  We will buy them jewelry one at a time because buying it at once is a bit costly.  The nieces are ages seven and nine now.  They grow real fast.  I guess it is time to fulfill the promised the sister and I did when they were still babies.  Christmas is approaching, we thought of buying the nieces bracelet as a gift this holiday season.  The sister and I are looking for a nice jewelry for the kids.  Since silver jewelry is the trend to young ones today, we will definitely pick sterling silver jewelry for the kids.  The simple designs are suited for the kids.  The kids are used to get toys, shoes and dresses from us.  This year is different and I am sure they will be very happy and love this gift from us.