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Flu Shots Vaccination

It is exactly five years ago this month when my brother got sick and admitted to the hospital due to severe pneumonia.  It was a very sad trial that we have encounter.  We are glad that God is there to give us strength and courage to never lost faith and continue moving with life.  The doctor told us that the brother has lots of fluids in his lungs and needs to be removed for his safety.  But my father refuses to do it after hearing some advises from his friends.  The doctor advises us to do flu shots for my brother.

The first flu shots vaccination of my brother will protect him for five years.  And five years has passed, the brother has to do the same vaccination again.  I have to accompany him along with his wife so that next vaccination his wife knows where to go and how to make brother comfortable and at ease because he is scared of needles.  Yes, he is scared of needles at the age of 41.haha!  But it is funnier because the SIL is scared of needles too.  How can she make my brother feel comfortable, less scared and ease.LOL!  Anyways, the second vaccination went well.  The next vaccination will be on December of 2017.

Want Better Teeth? Here’s How to Get Them

Everybody under the sun wants to have a nice set of teeth. That’s true even of people who don’t go out of their way to look their best all the “me or spend money on the newest fashions. Our teeth tend to be important to us, no matter how we feel about how we look.

That’s why taking care of your teeth and making them look better should be a major priority. Of course, you only get one set of real ones, so you’ll want to make them last as long as possible as well.

Keep reading to learn more about all of the ways you can make your teeth look their absolute best even if you can’t spend a fortune on them.

Get Regular Cleanings

Dental cleanings are obviously important, but because they aren’t exactly the most fun, many people put them off. Not spending money on a cleaning can result in more work down the road and teeth that don’t look as good though.

Have your dentist remind you 30 days before you six month checkup and cleaning come around.

Skip the Sugar

You know that sugar isn’t great for your teeth, but if you’re like most of us, you can’t say no to a slice of pie or an ice cream cone when they’re right in front of your face. Skipping the sugar really can make a difference in how your teeth look though.

If you can’t say no to sugar all of the time, at least make an effort to avoid it when you’re at home. Sugar free products are a better choice, but the best thing you can do is to beat the sugar bug altogether.

When you want that sugar fix, go for a piece of fresh fruit like an apple. Even dark chocolate with no adder sugar is considerably better for your teeth. Over time, you won’t miss that sweet stuff.

Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way, and veneers, caps and even implants are much more affordable than they used to be. Best of all, getting a consultation is usually free or low-cost for everybody, so there’s no reason not to consider cosmetic work.

Finding somebody that specializes in cosmetic dentistry Brooklyn residents trust is paramount to your experience though, so make sure you do your homework before hiring anybody to work on your teeth.

To reduce contaminant entry

Vapor is a substance that is in the form of gas or particles mixed with the air that is not good for our health.  It is harmful to our body that is way vapor mitigation system/methods are introduced.  This mitigation is classified as passive or active.   These methods helps in preventing the chemical entry into our homes, buildings and huge structures.  The most common method that is being used is the active method.  As they say, health is wealth and how can we save this kind of wealth when our health is at risks of the vapor that we inhaled from the contaminated groundwater and the vapors that rise through soil.

There are various of sub slab sampling device that is made intended for environmental consulting community.  It is made of single piece of metal but it surely eliminates leak points in a certain areas.  The installation of this device is very easy, it is easy to use, re-usable, and easy to remove.  So, we do not have to worry in reducing the contaminant entry of vapors/gas in our homes, buildings and other structures because we can do something to eliminate and get rid of it.

Though this method may take longer for it depends on the risk that it may bring to the occupants of the buildings and homes.  Until the cleanup of contaminated soil and groundwater is complete, mitigation will be on going.  And it should be inspected regularly to make sure the mitigation is correctly working.  Hundred of homes has been installed in.  It is tried and tested in other contaminated sites in many countries.  Then we can say that our health is no longer at risk.  We can surely say that we are safe from the illnesses that we can get due to inhaling bad air from contaminated groundwater and soil.

Referred to another doctor

After the shock-wave procedure and the medication, the father’s kidney now is as good as new.  We are so happy because the father is free from pain in his lower back.  But he has to visit his doctor twice a year to check on the condition of his kidney.  Last week, we visited his doctor and have laboratory tests.  The result shows that the father urine is clear.  No signs of infections and free from kidney stone.  However, his creatinine/acid is really high even though the doctor already gave high dosage of medicines.  The three months treatment to lower his creatinine/acid is not effective because the crea/acid result is really high.

The doctor is confused because it seems like no changes at all.  And he is worried that if the creatinine is still high, there is tendency that the kidney stone will form again in my father’s kidney.  High creatinine is the reason why the father is suffering from arthritis, swelling of knees, wrist, ankle, and pain on his joints.  That is why the doctor advice as to visit rheumatologist for he will know of what would be the right medicines to take to lower the creatinine.  Hopefully we can visit the rheumatologist this week because the father will be travelling to the province to visit his mom and some relatives.  It is best to bring medicines to cure if he happens to be visited by his friend arthritis.LOL!

The result is not good

After taking all the medicines prescribed by the doctor, my father and I went to the hospital yesterday to have laboratory tests.  The father took FBS, URIC and CREA tests.  The tests needed before going back to his doctor for follow-up.  The results came up in the afternoon.  We were sad because of the URIC and CREA results that went a bit high to the previous tests made.  We do not know what is wrong when in fact the father took all the medicines and avoided the foods that is not good for him.

We are worried because the doctor said that high URIC and CREA will damage father’s kidney.  Right now the father has stones on both kidneys and we are advice to get shock wave since the father do not want to undergo another operation.  Because we do not have the money yet, we just bought the medicines prescribed and father also take herbal medicines hoping that his condition will get better.  However, after seeing the result I guess we need to do the shock wave as soon as possible to save father’s kidneys.  Tomorrow we will go to the doctor to show father’s laboratory result, we expect that the doctor will say bad news since the result is not good.