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Searching for new hairstyle for the nieces

I love fixing the hair of my nieces when they have activity at school or when I feel like doing it.  Also, when I saw an interesting hairstyle, I like to try it too and my nieces are my models.  They like me doing it to them because they feel very pretty after seeing the result.  I have tried braided hairstyle to them and they like it, in fact it is their favorite.  But I find it boring doing the same hairstyle.  It would be best if I have new hairstyle.  I once tried the one I saw online, it is very difficult for me.  The procedure online is not detailed and I find it hard to copy.

The nieces will be joining Santancruzan (Procession, StreetParade) in our village and they will be wearing gowns.  Of course, they asked me to do the hair and make-up.  My talent will be tested again.LOL  I have done the same last year and they like the braided hairstyle.  This time, I want to try different hairstyle.  I am searching for different hairstyle online but haven’t found the one that is easy to copy.  I do not want to do the braided hairstyle again even if the girls love it.  I want to try something new, I hope to find one soon because I have two days left.  I will show it to the girls and see if they like it, if not, well I guess I have to make the one that they like.  Trying hard hairdresser here. *wink!

Addicted to Korean Drama

Just recently I felt really bored at home.  There are times that I want to go out and unwind but it is not possible for some reasons.  I badly needed things to do to keep me busy to drop the boredom  feeling.  I even stopped updating my blogs regularly.  I just posted articles when I got the job.  I am being bad and lazy for neglected the job that gives me so much blessings.  But I feel the need to be out for some time and enjoy things apart from what I do everyday.  Until I find the passion to watch Korean drama.

Yes, I am into it .   I have watched for more than a week now and I am loving it.  Watching Korean drama is my outlet to release the stress and the sad feeling I have now. You might wonder why I am sad.  But I do not know the answer really.  Maybe because of my age. haha!  Anyways, I am addicted to Korean drama now.  I have finished watching six in less than a week.  Each drama does have 16 chapters.  Instead of going out and spend, watching dramas is a good thing I must say. I am relaxing and having fun while watching.  More dramas to watch in the coming days for me.  I love this new hobby if mine.

Haven’t Korean drama yet?  Try once and I ma pretty sure you will get addicted like me.  *wink*

Dreaming to buy a guitar

Back then the father always plays guitar at night.  It is the father’s way of relaxation after the busy day at work.  Playing his favorite songs makes the father relax.  To us it is a wonderful sound to listen before going to sleep.  It is like the father is serenading us before going to sleep.  Hearing it every night makes the brother loves to play guitar as well.  And he is eager to learn how to play it.  The brother started to practice guitar when he was in high school.  Since the guitar of the father is not working anymore, he usually borrows guitar from a friend to practice how to play it.

After high school, the brother already knows how to play guitar.  Playing guitar becomes his first love and continue playing until today using the guitar of a friend.  At night he plays guitar outside the house.  It is like bringing the days were my father used to play guitar outside the house.  Owning a guitar is one of his dreams to have and he is saving to buy a guitar one day.  While saving money, the brother is looking for a nice guitar to buy.  There are various of guitars to choose from but after seeing the fender guitar, brother makes a decision to buy this kind of guitar soon.  Good decision because the guitar really looks nice.  Soon, I will be seeing brother playing his own guitar.


School for Dressmaking

My father used to tell me that I got my skills in sewing from my late mother.  He saw me sewing many times already sewing my dress using my hands because I do not know how to use my mother’s sewing machine.  I really wanted to sew that is why I bought a fabric and I did try to sew cover for our chairs.  Although the finished product is not good, I am still happy because I did it.  My second project was curtain, even though I do not have any background I try my best and believe in myself that I can do it.  Using the sewing machine of my mother, I practice more.  It is so sad that because it is very old, the condition is not good anymore.  I stopped because the sewing machine of my mother is no longer working.

Just recently, I was asked by my sister to her a curtain for her classroom.  I feel flattered because my sister believes in my skills.  I am not that good really but I am trying my best.  Thinking about it, I feel like going to school for dressmaking to enhance my skills and for me to learn more about sewing.  Enrolling in this school will make me a good dressmaker and I can use it to earn money from it in the future.  Crossing my fingers about it, I wish to have this learning soon.