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Joining the clean-up drive

Yesterday, I joined the clean-up drive at the school of my nephew.  I am the proxy because his parents are both working.  At first, the sister decided to just donate because they can’t participate, but I told them that I will go on their behalf.  The last time I joined clean-up drive was when I was in  It was fun then because I am with my friends, classmates and schoolmates.  It is nice to be able to help in the community like picking up garbage, cutting of grass, sweeping dried leaves, cleaning up the stagnant canal, and the likes.

The clean-up drive yesterday was fun.  It is my first time to join this activity at school with parents, guardians, and grandparents.  We are having fun while cleaning.  The most exciting part for me is that I meet new friends and gained new friends.  It is indeed a good decision that I joined the clean-up drive at the school where my nephew studied.  It is nice to see the clean sorroundings.  Also, we cleaned the clogged canal.  We did not mind the  smell of the stagnant canal, and the dirts, for what is important to us is that we are able to help and we give the kids/students a clean environment.  It really feels good to help the community.

Finally applying for marriage license

My brother and his wife to be are planning to get married this year, but due to some circumstances, the wedding date was canceled.  We did not stop planning their wedding too.  I still have the list of the things that we need to buy for their wedding as well as the budget.  I did not show it to my brother yet because I am waiting for their signal.  I am like their wedding planner.haha!  It is a simple wedding, but I make sure that it is memorable to the couple.  And it will be a solemn wedding.

I have told them that we won’t be able to get a wedding date scheduled at the church unless they will have the marriage license from the city hall.  One of the church requirements is a marriage license.  My brother is too busy at work and it is difficult for him to take a leave.  I told him that he has to make time to get the license because their wedding is hanging.  Luckily, the bother and his fiancée went to the city hall to get the marriage license.  This is it, this is really it is! Haha!  I have to push through the plan and I am so excited about their wedding early next year.  Wedding planner mode on for me!

Long weekend due to nationwide transport strike

The group of jeepney operators and other public utility vehicle are showing their protest to the government through transport strike.  Because all operators are expected to join the protest that is why the city mayor and national government declared to class today from kindergarten to college and no work to all government offices.  And because private company and offices, and department store are open, employees will still go to work.  The city government has assigned buses in some areas in the city to help the stranded passengers to go to work and go home.

The national transport strike was a success, though there are public vehicles in our city did not participate.  To some drivers, it is important to earn money that participating the transport strike.  If they are not driving, how can they feed their families?  They have the point.  Family comes first after all.  Because of this transport strike, people have extended weekend vacation.  Students are happy as well as the teacher and government workers because they will have a day of rest to be with their families.  I am one of those happy people because I get to rest, do my laundry and do some house chores because the nephews have no class.  Long weekend for me and I like it.

Anyways, I hope that this protest will have the positive result and people will come up with the best decision on how they are going to solve the issues that the jeepney operators and national government will both agree on what is best for all of us.

A child is always a blessing

Every married couple dreams of having a child or children to make their family complete.  Kids are the one making the family fun because they will be the couple/parents bundle of joy.  Most of the married couple preferred to have two kids, a boy, and a girl.  For practical reason because life is not easy and having more than two children is a luxury when you’re earning is not that much.  To some married couple, having more than two kids are blessings.  Not all couple have given this kind of gifts from God.  That is why you have to be happy and accept this kind of blessings.

But, what if the couple does not want more than two kids but is expecting another baby?  This is when the pregnancy becomes an issue to the couple.  It is a very different situation especially when the couple does not want another child.  The feeling of confusion, stress, burden, and blaming each other.  These are normal feelings I guess because I have heard this situation before.  But at the end of the day, acceptance is the key.  God will not give you this situation if you are not able to overpass it.  The couple may be felt the burden of another responsibility, but if you think of it positively, the child is always a blessing.  Be happy that another blessing is coming.  And welcome the new angel with love and be thankful to God always.

Against all odds relationship

To have someone with us to share feelings and love is the wonderful experience.  Everybody dreamed to have someone with them aside from their family to share everything in life.  This is what my cousin found to someone she is with right now.  They are in the relationship for almost a year.  It is her first boyfriend and I am happy for her.  The only issue is that her family is against of their relationship.  It is not new to us because it happens in movies and in real life.  The most important is that you fight for your love and happiness.

Their relationship was criticized by her family because the guy is younger than her.  Who cares, age doesn’t matter at all if you love each other and happy with that person.  My cousin and I are very close and we share things when we are together.  But lately, we seldom see each other because she is busy with work and I am busy babysitting my nephews and niece.  However, we do communicate through exchanging message on the phone and in Facebook.   I pity her because her relationship is not supported by her family.  Feels like she is all alone and the only refuge she has is her boyfriend who is always with her when she feels down.  It will be a long battle to win her family’s support to their relationship, but I am pretty sure that if she will not give up, she will get what she wanted.  I wish and pray for my cousin’s happiness and love.  I hope that the against all odds relationship will end so they will be fully happy and that her family will accept the decision she makes in choosing the one she loves.