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Saw a friend at the mall

The friend and I planned to watch a movie at the cinema together. The movie is romantic comedy. I arrived at the mall 30 minutes early. So I decided to stroll around while waiting for her. I am heading to the jeans section when someone called my attention. It was my brother’s friend who happens to work at the mall. He also becomes a friend of mine.  He is assigned at the music instruments department. Instead of going to the jeans section, I went to his area and satisfying my eyes looking for different kinds of instruments and gadgets like the ev zxa1 while talking to him. I enjoyed 30 minutes waiting for my friend looking at the instruments and gadgets. At the same time listening to music they played and looking at some of the customers testing the instruments.  Anyways, it was good to see a friend after a long time.

Caroling after the mass

The young men in seminary are conducting a Christmas carolling after the dawn mass. It is their way of asking solicitations to support them financially. They have been doing this every year. In return for the financial support that the people are giving to them, they are serenading the people at the church. They were singing very nice Christmas songs. I like it because they sung one of my favorite Christmas songs. The carolling is even more exciting because of the vandoren clarinet reeds that they are using. It makes the carolling more lively and entertaining. I never thought that they have this kind of music instrument and they are practising it at church. Well, it’s my first time seeing it and it is really cool I must say.

The brand he should try

If I were to buy something, the first thing that I would do is to check the brand. To me it is important to know the brand and read something about it to help me decide if I were going to buy or not. It is important to know bit information about the brand and the product to make sure it is of good quality. This is what I always tell to my brother whose addiction is buying music instruments and gadgets. He loves listening to music, playing guitars, singing, and collecting music instruments. When he buys, he doesn’t mind whether it is of good quality, as long as he likes the look and it is functioning well, which is not a good habit. Right now, he is thinking of buying gadgets to be added to his guitar and new microphone, I will suggest to buy alexander reeds at Musicians Friend. It has wide selection of music instruments and gadgets, plus the brand is of good quality. The brother should try this brand this time for I am pretty sure he will like it.

He might get one as present

The brother of my sister-in-law who is working in Japan will be coming back sometime next month. They were so excited because he promised to give them the gadgets that they want to have as present. Since the gadgets that are manufactured in Japan is in good quality, my older brother asked the SIL if she could tell her brother to buy boss dd-3 digital delay for him and he will pay him when he arrives. We are glad because the SIL’s older brother says yes to the favour. To our surprise, the SIL’s brother said that he will give it to my brother as a present. He is so kind I must say. My older brother now is very much excited for the present that is made in Japan. Thanks to the kind heart of my SIL’s brother.

The music subject

Back when I was in high school, our music teacher is very strict when it comes to memorizing all kinds of music instruments and their definitions. I used to memorize music instruments like guitar, piano, drums, Selmer Clarinets, violin, cymbals, and other music instruments. I am having a hard time memorizing their definitions especially if it is a bit long. I always feel pressured during examination time and oral recitations. But it was a good strategy of our teacher so that we could study our lesson. And we should not take the music subject easy. I am not trying to brag about it, but I get good high grades in our music subject. It is because I study hard. Unluckily, I do not memorize them all now so if you ask me, sorry I can’t answer you. Haha!