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Surprise present for my brother this Christmas

One way of showing my love to the family is to give them presents during Christmas.  I give presents to them once a year so I see to it that I give them the nicest gifts.  The gifts that they would surely love and appreciate.  I started buying gifts for the family early because I do not like to be in a crowded malls and department store.  Buying early is what I used to do to make sure there are plenty of stocks that are available.  I have experienced that I was not able to buy what I want because the size that I want is no longer available.

On my list, there is only one left unchecked is the name of my older brother.  I have not decided yet on what would be the present that I would buy for him.  I am thinking of buying something different for him this year.  I want to surprise him, so I decided to buy him thing that he likes.  And since he smokes, buying Padron cigars this Christmas.  Thinking about it makes me smile because I am pretty sure my gift would make him smile.  I know I always told him to stop smoking however, he never listens and it is his decisions.  He has been tasted different cigars before and the one that I am going to buy is new to him.  And the fact that this is new to him, it would definitely complete his day or should I say his Christmas day.

Dinner at exotic restaurant tonight

I was in the middle of my dreamland when the brother woke me up because my phone is ringing.  I did not pay attention but the brother told me to see if it is important because he heard the message alert tone more than once.  It was indeed very important because I got the message from and online friend turns real friend name Gagay.  She was informing me the good news.  We were talking on phone when she told me that it is her birthday today and she is planning to treat “bisdak bloggers” friends for a dinner date.  I did not able to go back to sleep because I am enjoying Facebook.  I sleep very late last night and so sleepy but the good news from Gagay makes me awake till now.  I end up enjoying talking to BB friends that I am going to meet tonight at Gagay’s small birthday party treat.  I am worried and excited.   I am excited because I am going to meet again the BB that I meet online and became my friends and I am worried because I am scared to try exotic foods.  My first time to do it and I hope I like it.  Thanks Gagay for the invites and happy birthday to you.  I wish more blessings to come and wish you good heath always.

Baptismal day: should I go or not?

Seven months ago, my close friend gave birth to her first baby.  We were friends for more than a decade and I consider her as my best friend.  When we visited her to the hospital, she mentioned that I will be one of the godparents of her baby.  I am so happy about it and excited.  I am counting the days left till the baptismal of her daughter.  She mentioned it will be at the end of this month.  Last week, she came online and told me about the date of the baptismal of her daughter.  I was expecting that she will tell me about getting me as godmother since she mentioned it the day after she gave birth.  However, she did not mention it again so I supposed I am not one of the godparents.  I respect her decision; maybe there are so many godparents on her list that is why she opted not to include me.  I am sad yes, but not angry.  She did invite me to come on her daughter’s baptismal to be held at the province of her husband.  I decided not to come because it is very far from the city where I live plus my presence is not that Sour grape eh?  Well, this is how I feel about the situation. If I where you, would you still come?

Making a List

Christmas is fast approaching.  I heard almost everyday in the radio and in television about their countdown on how many days left before Christmas.  I am so much excited because for the first time I am going to buy something for myself.  I so wanted to buy things that I have been wanting to have years back.  It is many to mention so I make a list of all the things that I wanted to buy.  It is so difficult because I have plenty of wants to Plus added the things that I will buy for the kids, family and dear friends.

The good thing about Christmas is that even if times are hard, people do buy things for their love ones and food to share on the table with their family.  This is what I like about this season.  The season of loving, giving and sharing. I can smell the spirit of Christmas here in the city.  The malls are started to be crowded because of the different sale.  People do love to shop when the malls are on sale because they get a discount.  I am writing on things on my list and I hope to buy some on a sale day.  It is good to do a list so that we will know what to buy and do the budgeting early.

Her 34th Birthday

Three days ago, the family celebrated the 34th birthday of my sister.  We had a wonderful dinner with the family and sung happy birthday to her.  She wanted to treat the family for dinner at the restaurant but my brother refused and just said we will cook something on her birthday.  My do not like eating outside.  To him it is a big expenses.  He said it is better to stay at home, have a dinner with the family, a little sing-a-long and have the fun in our simple abode.  Indeed, simple celebration with the family is more memorable rather than to spent it outside.

The sister is thankful for the 34 years of blessings from God.  This year is the first ever birthday she celebrated as a mother.  She is very happy and contented in life with her husband and her son.  Nothing more she could ask for but have a longer and healthy life so spend with her family and son.  One of her birthday wish is a good health for her son and that her son will grows as a good person.