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Watched the concert of our favorite

The sister and I watched a concert performance of our favorite international singer. It was his first time in the city and we do not want to miss the event. The sister bought two tickets. Unfortunately, the tickets near the stage were sold out. The ticket that we have is far from the stage because it is the only ticket that is available. We did not mind it as long as we hear him singing our favorite songs, besides there are 6spot on the stage. Though we are very far from the stage, still we are glad that the lights allow us to see him better. It was an unforgettable moment in our life. The sister and I were so happy because we get to see and hear our favorite singer. I hope that he will come back in the city for another concert.

Knowing her slowly

The sister’s babysitter arrives a month ago.  It was her mother-in-law that hired her.  So the sister is not so worried because her in-laws know her.  Besides, I’ll be visiting her home to see the nephews.  Sometimes I brought the kids at home so the babysitter will do some household chores.  I do not have any doubt after seeing her first time and asked something about her.  She is a good person and knows how to handle a baby.  However, we did not give her more time with the baby because she is still young.  I am in-charge of the younger nephew to be exact.

Since I am just at home, I took the chance to talk to her and to know her for real.  I sometimes asked personal questions and ask if she likes her job.  The sister has several babysitters before and no one lasted for three months.  The current babysitter is the fifth that the sister has.  So far, she’s does her duties very well that make the sister likes her and wants her to stay longer.  I do hope that she will continues doing her duties very well and will really stay longer.  Sooner, we will know her attitude and personally completely.  By then the sister will decide if she will increase her salary.

Going for new faces

I guess I am just tired of seeing the same faces in the senate that is why I go for new faces this time.  Yes, last Election Day, I practice my right to vote and go for new faces.  I think it would be best to try new faces and see if they can do something for the country.  There are lots of advertising on the television says to vote wisely.  I have voted for years now and I guess I voted wisely, but still many of my countrymen are poor.  The promises that the politicians made while they are still running for the position has vanished.  They are not doing their best to help the country and the people.  They have been in the same position for years, but people are still waiting for them to keep what they promised.

This is the reason I am did vote for new faces.  I have voted wisely and I hope I won’t regret it in the future.  I am so glad that some of my bets did make it to the top 12.  I hope they still be part of the top 12 until the announcement of the winners.  Also, I pray that they would be assets in the senate and will do their best to keep their promise in helping the country and the people.

Just being cautious

Few weeks ago, the nanny of the sister’s son just quit the job for personal reason. This is the reason the sister is now looking for a new nanny. It is not easy to get a new nanny today because we can’t tell if the person has good background. Trusting the kids to someone we do not know that much is risky that is why the sister is doing background screening to the woman who applied for the nanny job few days ago. I do hope that the nanny has good background because the sister is needs a nanny before classes’ starts. The sister is just being cautious that is why she is doing background screening. She wants to make sure that her kids are in good hands.

Unnamed Caller

Most of the time I put my mobile phone inside the closet to keep it in safe place.  I have put it many times on top of the drawer, television, radio and table but the nephew and niece secretly grab it and play.  It has fallen many times because they got nervous when I caught any of them getting my phone.  Due to this incidents, I decided to keep my phone inside my closet.  The only problem is that, I might not be able to hear the sound if someone is sending me messages or calling me.  That is the disadvantage of putting my phone inside the closet.

Just this afternoon,  my phone rung and I was not able to answer it because I did not hear when it rings.  I only saw unnamed caller registered on the screen of my phone.  Though I am not expecting a call, I felt very sad because the caller calls twice.  I have a feeling it is important.  I am trying to return the call but the number is cannot be contacted.  arghs!  This is a lesson learned by me.  After this incident, I promised to bring my mobile phone anywhere I go even at home and adjust the volume to level 5.  haha!