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Wish You Were Here, Says Orlando!

If you were granted a wish to visit a magical place where you could have unlimited access to theme parks, water sports, adventures in space and amusement rides the whole family would love you’d probably find yourself in Orlando, Florida.   It would be the perfect place to tick off all those boxes.  The only problem is, which amusement park would you choose?  Well, if you go to the Groupon site and search for the Best of Orlando, you’ll find all the information you’d need to make that decision.  The Best of Orlando posts the most up-to-the-minute information on all the attractions in the Orlando area, so you don’t have to search through site after site to find the deal that’s best for your family.

The Best of Orlando is a convenient way to find information on the theme parks in the area along with nearby lodging, restaurants, and info on other tourist attractions.  It’s like a little chamber of commerce on your smartphone.  You can actually buy all the theme park passes you need from the site, and if you purchase them through Groupon, you can save lots of money.  Groupon has deals that will save you 30% off the most popular Orlando destinations like Legoland and 40% off nearby hotels.  And it’s the best way to plan your Orlando vacation.  They have deals for Universal, Disney World, Sea World, Cirque du Soleil and more.

You can take advantage of a BOGO or better, and still have money for all the neat souvenirs you’ll want to bring back to share with family and friends.   You can save $60 off an Orlando Flex ticket that gets you unlimited admission to all the Universal Studios properties like Wed ‘n’ Wild, SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica and Universal Studios for 14 consecutive days.  That’s the best deal in town, and it’s yours when you shop Groupon.  Groupon makes all this so easy to do.  You just search for the Best of Orlando from the Groupon site and select the deal you want, activate it and prepare your family for unforgettable adventures.

There has been a surge in the number of people who visit Florida in recent years with a whopping 112 million estimated visitors last year.  Orlando has certainly drawn the lion’s share of those folks and with great deals like these on world class amusement and unique family fun who can blame them.   So don’t just wish you were in Orlando, search Groupon and get the Best of Orlando.

Four days in Bohol

Before the 2014 sits in, my brother and I went to Bohol because of the unexpected death of my uncle. I love to travel a lot; however, the travel I made last December 25, 2013 was not a happy one because we lost the very kind person in the family. But it is God’s will, all we have to do is to accept it and continue moving on. The day after the burial, the siblings of my uncle are arranging his stuffs. They are thinking of giving away some of his stuffs that he brought when he came back from other country and they will keep the other stuffs. One of the stuffs that they are going to keep is the gusher pump. Anyways, though the trip was not a happy one, still I am glad because I did able to meet some of the relatives that I haven’t meet yet. We did have a good time introducing each other and have a little bonding. Indeed, the four days in Bohol is memorable one. Till we meet again on our reunion.

Welcome us with flat tire

Because of the unexpected death of my uncle, the older brother and I have to travel to Bohol, Philippines to see him for the last time.  It was not the original plan because it is supposed to be my father and older brother will be going home, however, my father was attack by arthritis.  His knee and ankle is swelling.  It is not good for him to travel.  So, instead it was my brother and I who are going to Bohol.  We went to Bohol midnight of December 25, 2013 and we arrived in Cagayan de Oro, morning of December 26.

We wanted to arrive in Bohol as early as possible; we took the fast craft vessel.  The fare is a bit high, but we did not mind it because our goal is to arrive in Bohol on the afternoon of December 26, 2013.  We reached the city of Bohol at 4 O’clock in the afternoon.  And we have to travel an hour more to reach to my grandparents place.  However, it took us more than two hours because the public vehicle that we were riding was experiencing flat tire.  Argsh!  We do not have any choice but to wait till they fixed it.  Though Bohol welcomes us with a flat tire, it was still a success travel because we arrived on the plan date.  I thank God for our safe trip.

Love to visit him one day

My uncle is working in France for more than a decade now. He has been telling us about the beauty of the country that makes us so excited to go to France one day. I would love to see it with my own two eyes on how pretty and nice the place is. I want to visit him one day that is why I am looking for luxury vacation rentals paris france to make the visit a memorable one. I am not contented with what my uncle is saying. It would be best to visit the country for real. Visiting my uncle in Paris would be the best vacation for me, so I want to stay in an awesome place. I will also ask my uncle of a nice place to stay as well.

Enjoy your weekend getaway

To go on a getaway every weekend after working so hard is one way of pampering oneself.  Traveling using our own vehicle or motorcycle would make the getaway more fun and exciting because you can drop by at any place you want compared when you are riding in the train, bus or any public vehicle.  Our weekend getaway would be fun and exciting if we ride on a bike or motorcycle that surdyke have.  They have great deals and offers that would tempt you to buy one.  If you’re thinking of having a weekend getaway, get one products from them and enjoy riding.