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Good to shop while on sale

Since the brother is accepting a welding job, he wants to invest in buying materials, equipment and tools for welding. Since he is still saving money for him to buy the materials, equipment and tools he needs, he is renting equipment from someone he knows every time he has welding job. The equipment that the brother wants to buy first is a welding machine. The brother wants to take the opportunity to shop when there is a welding equipment for sale. It is good to shop indeed when the items are on sale because you can buy the items at a lesser price. This is what I do every time I want to shop something for myself.

Moving back again

Few months ago, I have said in my previous post about my brother and his girlfriend (now his wife) moving back to the village where they leave.  They’ve been living in the province of the girl’s parents for almost a year.  When they told us that they are going to start a new life as a couple near our house, we are happy because we will be seeing him every day.  We missed him very much when he chooses to live at the province of the girl.  And now that they are moving back here, we are glad because we won’t be missing him anymore and we can visit him anytime.

However, after their wedding, the brother and his wife decided to go back to the province of his in-laws., said that the life in the city is not easy compared to the province.  They are going to put up a small store there and start a printing business there as well.  The news is shocking to us because they have just moved back near us three months ago and now they are moving back again to the province.  Even though we do not like their decision, we have to accept it since it’s their decision.  Maybe they think living there gives them a big opportunity than living in the city.  We will just wish them all the best in life and happy life always.  We will miss the brother for sure, but he promised to visit us once in a while.  Good luck to them and God bless always!

New Year, New Approaches

Last year isn’t bad at all to me.  I can tell that I am so blessed.  Aside from the gift of life that God has given to me, I also showered with lots of blessings.  I am so thankful that my 2012 was a fruitful one.  I did able to travel with the family at my parent’s province.  I meet blogger friends.  And I did able to buy the things that I want and did able to help my family financially.  Though it is not as big as others do, still I am happy that I shared my blessings to them.  I admit that I have met failures, trials and frustrations, but I am able to overcome it.  Those things made me stronger and better person.

Now that 2013 sets in, I wish that my life would be as fruitful as last year.  I probably be doing the same thing as last year, but will apply new approaches in life.  Since it is New Year, I should have new approaches as well.  I will do my very best to meet my goals in life.  And be ready for whatever trials and difficulties I may meet.  I have dreams, goals, ambitions and things that I wanted to have this year.  I do hope that this year would be the year to have it.  Even one of those is more than enough.   I hope that this year would be a blessed year for me and for everybody.  Happy New Year Everyone!

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