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Amazing Heat….Whew!

It is summer once again! This season used to be my favorite one. But these days are different. Summer is extra hot like you will have headache every time you go under the sun. Summer then means frolicking in the beach under the sun, flying kites with the strong blow of the wind and the heat of the sun, and finally the well famous halo-halo and ice milk shake to quench the extra thirst due to the hot summer sun. Today, my summer is spent mostly inside the mall because it’s more refreshing and cold inside than to stay outside. How time really changes, even the weather is changing. It’s hard think of the next summers to  come with these days amazing heat already, what would be the next generations summer would be like…tsk, tsk, tsk…. I hope people would realize, that if we don’t do something to help our environment even in the littlest possible way our children and their children will  have the worst weather and climate possible. The smallest thing you can do to help our environment will have a big impact for the next generation. you may not know it yet but you can make  a difference. I can make a difference.

Spring Cleaning Tips

When it comes time to set the clocks forward and you feel weather begin to warm, you know spring is arriving. As spring arrives, spring cleaning comes to mind.

It is a time where many of us look to get organized. We begin inside the home, including the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Some people may choose to procrastinate on spring cleaning just because they do not know where to begin, but with a little counseling, advice and tips, everyone will be charged up and ready to go.

Getting the motivation to move ahead with spring cleaning requires vision. If you have a vision of how you want your home to be, all that you have to do next is tackle it room by room. Don’t think about it as a whole. You will get bogged down and say, “Oh, it’s too much to do!” Focus on one room at a time and the task at hand won’t be so daunting. There are also many tips available to make spring cleaning quick and easy.

  • Kitchen – Start with the refrigerator. Everyone goes to it to find food. Make sure what you have in it is still edible and toss out things you know you won’t use. Wipe clean all surfaces with a wash cloth. All you need is some baking soda and a warm quart of water to dip your washcloth into. Remove all shelves and drawers and give them a wash down as well. You’ll want to let glass shelves come to room temperature before tipping it into water to avoid cracking. Now, with the fridge cleared of old and unwanted food and with all shelves, drawers and surfaces clean, reorganize the food in your fridge.
  • Living Room – Is there something you don’t like about the arrangement of your furniture? Spring is a perfect time to reconsider and reorganize your furniture. Perhaps you had furniture blocking windows during the colder months, but with warmer weather coming in, you can clear the path for a fresh breeze. Also, take down any window dressings and blinds for cleaning. The room with feel so much fresher and brighter when you’re done. You may also consider switching out any heavy curtains for a more lighter and airy feel with sheer window curtains.
  • Bedrooms – Go through your closet and dresser to pack away heavy winter clothes. Load it up with your spring and summer attire. It’s always nice to make the switch since winter attire always tends to take up so much more space in the closets and drawers. Also consider updating your bed linens. That bulky down feather comforter won’t be needed as the warmer weather rolls in.
  • Bathrooms – Just remember the newspaper is your friend when it comes to mirrors and windows. After wiping down windows and mirrors with warm water, wipe it dry with newspaper for a smear-free reflection.


The Rain

I was in the province three days ago having my short vacation with my sister.  The place is perfect for relaxation because it is so quiet.  While we are on our way, I thought of meeting a friend and visit the famous crocodile in the place, but was not able to go because of heavy rains.  I am the kind of person that does not want to go if there is rain unless it is really important.


While inside the house where we stay, I am looking at the window and looking at the rain pouring down from the nipa hut roof.  It is so nice to see because it makes the ambiance quiet that makes me want to sleep the whole day.  Before I go to bed to take a nap, I capture a photo of the rain in the province.