Attended the High School Alumni Homecoming

Last December 30, 2017, was our high school alumni homecoming. It was an annual event at our school to gather all the students who graduated from our school. I missed attending last year’s alumni homecoming because my older sister just gave birth. And I do not want to go alone. This year I see to it that I will attend because I miss seeing my classmates and high school friends. It would be great to see them again after more two decades. Gosh, it’s been 20 years since I graduated high school and it only means one thing, I am old.haha!

Anyways, I went to the alumni homecoming 2017 with my older brother. It is a good decision to go because I get to see the friends and classmates that I so want to see for years. The night was filled with so much fun, dancing and talking, just like the old days. I must say that I feel like high school student again. wink* It feels really great to see them again. I took pictures of us for remembrance. I had a blast at the alumni homecoming. Thank you, everyone, for making the night a memorable one for us. Cheers to more years of friendship and more alumni homecoming to attennd. Until next year classmates, batchmates and friends. Merry Christmas and have a Prosperous New Year.

Excited for Christmas

We are all excited for Christmas day.  We have waited for this day to come for like 11 months.  I must say, this is the most awaited holidays because during this season families are intact, having reunions, bonding and the likes.  This is the time of the year, where the families are complete.  Just like our family, it has been years since the last time we have celebrated Christmas together.  My two brothers are married and living very far from us and they opted to celebrate Christmas there.  I must admit I am sad and felt lonely during this time for years because I always remember my late mother.  I always thought of the days when we celebrate Christmas when my mother is still alive.  I have accepted the fact that she is no longer with us, just felt lonely at times.

But this year, I am so excited because my two brothers with their families are decided to celebrate Christmas with us.  We are complete this Christmas.  Woohoo!  I am so happy when they message me on Facebook that they are coming home this Christmas.  I am less lonely now, I am pretty sure this Christmas would be one of the memorable Christmas for the family.  We will have kris kringgle and will have a little party at home.  My sister-in-law and I are preparing games for parlor games and foods to share on the table.  Thank you Lord for the gift of family.


Live Entertainment in New York

New York has long been known as “The Big Apple,” and there’s no question that this world class city offers attractions unlike any other city on earth. Yes, Paris has the Eiffel Tower and Rome has the Vatican, but New York offers a wealth of some of the finest museums, cultural events, art shows, and live entertainment to be found anywhere on the planet.

There’s no doubt that New York is a talent magnet, which is why this city is so exciting to visit. Not only is this city a magnet for people who excel in business and finance, but it also attracts some of the world’s best artists, writers, singers and actors. Just walking down the street can bring a rush of excitement, as visitors take in the amazing energy this town has to offer. The many choices available to tourists make it a place that has to be visited more than just once.

Great Cultural Attractions

Visitors who love the arts know there are some incredible choices in what to visit here. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is worth spending at least a week touring, and The Museum of Modern Art and The Whitney Museum are two other amazing art centers. Just walking around offers a chance to walk into an art gallery in every area, with some of the more modern and unusual offerings being seen in lower Manhattan areas like Soho and Greenwich Village.

Live Entertainment

People who love stellar live entertainment can’t go wrong by paying a visit to New York. Many people take a look at broadway play reviews before booking a ticket to New York, in order to be up to date on what shows will be playing during a visit. Right now on Broadway, major stars like Bette Midler (and soon, Bernadette Peters) can be seen lighting up the stage in big shows like the acclaimed revival of “Hello, Dolly!” and there are numerous other dramas and comedies to choose from too.

The Cabaret scene in New York is another exciting attraction that shouldn’t be missed. The smart approach is to check out all the theater and arts websites now online that offer reviews and information on attractions in the city, and then plan a trip around them.

Like they say, there’s nothing to compare to “The Big Apple,” so book a fabulous trip today!

Finally applying for marriage license

My brother and his wife to be are planning to get married this year, but due to some circumstances, the wedding date was canceled.  We did not stop planning their wedding too.  I still have the list of the things that we need to buy for their wedding as well as the budget.  I did not show it to my brother yet because I am waiting for their signal.  I am like their wedding planner.haha!  It is a simple wedding, but I make sure that it is memorable to the couple.  And it will be a solemn wedding.

I have told them that we won’t be able to get a wedding date scheduled at the church unless they will have the marriage license from the city hall.  One of the church requirements is a marriage license.  My brother is too busy at work and it is difficult for him to take a leave.  I told him that he has to make time to get the license because their wedding is hanging.  Luckily, the bother and his fiancée went to the city hall to get the marriage license.  This is it, this is really it is! Haha!  I have to push through the plan and I am so excited about their wedding early next year.  Wedding planner mode on for me!

It is best to do some research before purchasing

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