Costume party event

My cousin’s daughter will celebrates her 18th birthday this month.  It will be a costume party.  The best costume will received a prize.   Too bad because the best in costume contest is for kids only.  I really wanted to join.LOL  Well, I would love to experience this costume party for once.  Good thing we have five kids at home.  They will be joining the party and will wear costumes.  I will just think that I am the one wearing the costume instead of them.  My nephews and nieces will be fulfilling my childhood dreams.

I already talked to my brother and sister about the invitation that was sent to me by my cousin.  They just answered me with a smile.  I smiling means yes, then the kids will be attending the costume party.  The question is, where to borrow a costumes? There are lots costumes for rent in the city, the problem is we do not have money to rent five costumes.  For sure it will be costly.  The timing is not good because right now we are on tight budget.  The party is in two week hopefully we can get costumes, if not, better luck next time fr the kids.  If only I know someone or I have friends who has costumes for their kids that I can borrow.

Celebrate her son’s birthday at the province

The plans that the sister and I talked about for the past days about her son’s 3rd birthday celebration will not be able to push through.  It is because her husband told her that they are going to be at her in-laws town (in province), on the 24th of December to celebrate Christmas there.  Their son’s birthday is on the 25th.  I am a bit sad because I won’t be able to be there.  The sister is invited me to go with them, but thinking that I won’t be able to celebrate Christmas at home makes me sad.  Also, I have plans for the family this Christmas.  I am planning to go to the mall with them on the 25th (Christmas day).

I am going to miss the 3rd birthday of my nephew JC.  The sister asked me earlier if I could go with them and my answer is still no.  However, when she told me that no one will help her preparing the children’s party, I am now confused.  Why do they have to celebrate it in the province?  The sister told her husband to cancel it, instead they will have it here, but her husband got mad because his family is expecting them this Christmas and they are also excited to see the kids.  My sister might ask me again, so I have to think of my final answer.  Whatever it is, I wish JC a very happy 3rd birthday.

Preparing for his first birthday

My nephew Andrei will be celebrating his first birthday in less than two months.  Just like the usual, his mother (my sister) is now planning of what the celebration would be.  She wanted a simple celebration but a memorable one since it is her second son’s first birthday.  She is now doing the listing of the invited person, the foods we will go to prepare and the time of the celebration.  I am suggesting having a little children’s party for the kids to enjoy.  Although Andrei would not appreciate it as he is very little, in the future when he grows older, he will through photos.

The plan is not finalize yet, there are lots of options that the sister is considering.  Besides we have lots of time to think and finalize it.  Also, the sister is considering the allotted budget because next month, we will also celebrate the third birthday of her eldest.  I promised to help her in some finances on that day though but not a big one because my income is not that big.  I will help as much as I could.  If I have extra, I will give extra to my sister.  Hopefully I have extra because I have to save some too for my birthday.  I am also celebrating my birthday on the same month with the sister’s youngest.

On His Golden Years

Each birthday is a special day to celebrate by every person because another year will be added to enjoy the gift of life, a year of happiness, joy and blessings. And to reach the age of 50, it is best to give the celebrant a great blow out and presents. Since one of the relatives will be celebrating his 50th birthday very soon, we were looking for a unique 50th birthday gift ideas. We want to give him a gift that would make his 50th birthday a blast and a memorable one.

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Does any member of your family will be celebrating their 50th birthday or maybe someone closest to you? Try to visit the website that I have visited for you to have an idea of what gift you are going to give. You will not having a hard time of picking of a nice gift because there are lots of items to choose from.

He comes out early

The scheduled CS operation of my sister is on the 19th of this month.  The sister slowly finishing her paper works at school so that when she will give birth to her second baby, she does not have unfinished business.  However, the baby did not want her to get very tired because the baby comes out on the 16th of this month.  Yes, 5 O’clock in the afternoon of January 15, the sister felt the baby is contracting.  Because her schedule is on the 19th, she did not mind it.  Instead she went home and takes time to sleep.  She thinks that the baby is tired and stress after working.  But 11 O’clock in the evening of the same day, the sister decided to go to the hospital because she felt a little pain.

When we arrived at the hospital, the sister is already 3 cm.  She brought to the delivery room, monitored her and schedules an early CS operation.  She gave birth on January 16, 2013 at 8:02 in the morning.  The baby is very much excited I must say because he comes out 3 days before the expected date.  Well, expect the unexpected.  The family is very much happy because we finally see the little angel that will bring joy and happiness to us.  Welcome baby Mark Nin Andrei!